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This article was first published 12 years ago

Shah Rukh: I enjoy playing negative characters

Last updated on: December 19, 2011 15:04 IST

Image: Shah Rukh Khan in Don 2
Sonil Dedhia in Mumbai

Shah Rukh Khan is quite excited about his new movie Don 2, releasing this Friday. This is the first time in Hindi cinema that a sequel revolving around a negative character will be released.

In a promotional press conference, the superstar talked about why he was attracted to playing negative characters, his plans to quit smoking, and much more.

You are playing a negative character in Don 2. You established yourself as an actor with negative roles in films like Baazigar and Daar. How do you look back at them?

I am in no way glorifying negative characters. There is a justification for the character to be negative or to be bad as the story requires it. I enjoy playing negative characters. For an actor, it is one of the greatest highs to play a villain.

Do you think negative characters are more memorable?

Evil or devil, black or grey characters, they always have some sort of attraction whether in books, stories, films or television.

I started my career in theatre, and have portrayed a good and bad guy on stage, too. When I joined films, I got the opportunity to play negative characters, which was accepted by the audience.

'For an actor, it is one of the greatest highs to play a villain'

Image: Shah Rukh Khan in Don 2

Doesn't playing a negative character have a negative impact on your fans and audiences?

I consider that many times, but at the end of the day, it's our job. The results of our job can be negative or positive.

I know there are kids, youngsters and others out there watching our movies and enjoying them. But when I see documentaries on poverty, things happening on the streets, things happening in India, terrorist attacks in Iraq, or other disturbing things around the world... there are a lot of bad things happening around us for people to get influenced by.

Please continue...

There are times when I tell directors or writers about certain things that I feel should not be done. But art, in whatever form, should be seen as a story-telling medium.

A film should not be taken very seriously. Most films that we do in India are about goodness, hope and aspirations. Sometimes, due to the commercial compulsions, we do make edgy films and Don is an edgy film.

I would like to tell audiences to take films and characters in an entertaining way.

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'I am grateful that I can be a role model for youngsters'

Image: A scene from Don 2

A lot of people take inspiration from actors.

People do aspire to be like us. They do look up to us as acting is a profession, which everyone aspires to be a part of. I am genuinely grateful that I can be a role model for youngsters.

As actors, we play different characters in our films, which are also different from our personal life. It feels good that we can inspire people.

Hrithik Roshan is asking people in the film industry to quit smoking. What are your thoughts?

I know it's a bad thing and no one should do it, but somehow I am not able to quit. I am trying hard to leave it. I know about the ill effects of smoking and I will try and give it up.

I feel guilty because a lot of people ask me everyday when will I quit. I am trying to smoke less. I have been on a very hectic schedule so after the release of Don 2, I will start working out and getting into a healthier regime.