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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » Arya: 'Urumi will be a landmark film'

Arya: 'Urumi will be a landmark film'

Last updated on: March 30, 2011 12:52 IST

Arya: 'Urumi will be a landmark film'

Radhika Rajamani in Hyderabad

Tamil actor Arya says that Urumi will be a landmark film in Malayalam. He should certainly hope so quite simply because it is his maiden film in Malayalam.

Although he does a cameo in it, Arya seems to spent a great time on the sets shooting the film and working with Santosh Sivan, which is perhaps a dream fulfilled for him.

Taking a break in between shooting Linguswamy's Tamil film Vettai,  Arya walks down the Urumi lane.

How did you get a role in Urumi?

It was all because of Santosh Sivan. While I was shooting for Bala's Avan Ivan a few months ago, I got a call from Santosh and he said I have this cameo for you. I was happy about it.

Image: Movie trailer of Urmi


'I play the first guy who attempted to kill Vasco da Gama'

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Were you excited to do the cameo? Did he narrate the role?

Yes, I was! I have heard a lot about Santosh Sivan. He is a legend. I have always wanted to work with him. I had also told him that I was interested in working with him. He told me the whole story of the film and my portion specifically.

The film is huge. And it is unique.

It looks like a huge budget film but Santosh made it feasible because he is technically equipped.

He exactly knew what he wanted. I was excited and asked him about how he shot it. Actually everyone had shot before me and my portion was the last to be shot. Since I was curious to know about how the film was shot I saw the rushes and the stills.

Is this your first film in Malayalam?

Yes, it is.

What's the role you play?

I play the first guy who attempted to kill Vasco da Gama. I do a double action cameo.

Image: A scene from Urumi

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'Santosh Sivan works at unbelievable speed'

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Did you have to work under tough conditions for the shoot?

Actually the shoot was done at a fast pace. Santosh Sivan is very fast, he works at unbelievable speed and I had to tell him to slow down as I was not used to that speed. Coping with that speed was tough.

For how many days and where did you shoot?

I shot at Udupi for five days.

Did you have any scenes with Prithviraj, Prabhudeva, Genelia, etc.?

I had a scene with Prithviraj. 

How was it shooting with him?

It was great. Prithviraj is a talented actor. His diction is perfect. He's friendly and he has a lot of potential. I felt happy working with him.

Image: A scene from Urumi

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'I am hoping to get a bigger role in Santosh Sivan's film next time'

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This is your first experience with Santosh Sivan too. How was he as a director?

Santosh sees things visually. He's got his own style, makes what he believes in. One tends to learn a lot from him. Besides technical brilliance he explains, narrates and acts that's a big gift. It's easy for the actor. At the same time he gives space for improvisation.

Did you dub your dialogues?

No, I didn't.

How was the experience of working in this period film after Madrasipattinam?

This period film (Urumi) was so quick that before I realised, I was done.

You said you learnt a lot. So, what did you take home from Urumi?

It can't be put in words. It's the feeling of satisfaction with your work and much more.

Are you happy that you worked in Urumi?

Yes. I am hoping to get a bigger role in Santosh Sivan's film next time.

Image: A scene from Urumi

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