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Meet your new Superman

Last updated on: January 31, 2011 14:16 IST

Meet your new Superman



Get your low down on what's happening in the world of Hollywood, right here!

Henry Cavill has been cast as the new 'Superman: Man of Steel'.

Cavill, a former public schoolboy, will star in the sixth installment of the Hollywood franchise, reports the Telegraph.

In 2004, he screen-tested for the lead in Superman Returns but the producers chose Brandon Routh. He was also considered for Bale's role in Batman Begins and for James Bond before Daniel Craig landed the part.

This led the Empire Magazine to dub him as 'the most unlucky man in Hollywood'.

The new film will be directed by Zack Snyder and released in December 2012 -- 34 years after the first Superman film made a star of Christopher Reeve.

Snyder described Cavill as "the perfect choice to don the cape and shield."

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Image: Henry Cavill
Photographs: Jim Ruymen/Reuters

Is Rihanna's a lesbian?

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Pop star Rihanna was involved in a lesbian relationship rumours, according to a Hollywood socialite, who made the sensational claims in a book.

Model Tajah Burton in her book ''Low Down Dirty Shame'' has said she had an affair with a female singer from Barbados.

The yet-to-be-published book's extracts were leaked on the Internet sparking the speculation.

Burton, from San Diego, California, said that she did not want to name the star without her consent.

'We had an amazing connection. We would order food in together, we watched TV together, we did all kinds of stuff. I listened to her music with her. Music is her life,' the Sun quoted her as saying.

'It became a sexual thing. It only lasted a couple of weeks because she was very busy and had a lot going on in her life and we had to be secretive,' she said.

'I would say she's bisexual. It was really exciting. It was unexpected and it was very fun. The sex was really good but there was more to it -- we really had a connection. She inspired me and we helped uplift each other,' she added.

Previously, the Umbrella singer has admitted she is attracted to women.

Image: Rihanna
Photographs: Mike Segar/Reuters
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The most glamorous actress of our time

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Italian fashion designer Donatella Versace has heaped praise on Mad Men star January Jones.


In a behind the scenes video of her recent ad campaign, the woman behind the Italian luxury brand said she chose the 33-year-old spokes model to be the face of Versace accessories because "she looks like the most glamorous actress of our time."


Jones appears nude in the ads for Versace accessories, save for high-heeled shoes and a strategically placed handbag. 


'She's a girl who has no fear,' the New York Daily News quoted designer as saying.

Image: January Jones
Photographs: Mario Anzuoni/Reuters
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Secret to Kylie's sexy looks -- great underwear!

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Pop diva Kylie Minogue has credited the secret of her sexiness to good underwear and an all-over body make up.


'I know a lot of tricks to make everything look good, basically very good underwear and all-over body make-up. That's my secret", she told the Daily Mail in an exclusive interview.


The 42-year-old also complained that her bottom often gets more attention than she does, but said she has no plans to stop wearing hot pants.


'My face has been outshone by my bottom. After the 'Spinning Around' video, people became a lot more interested in my behind than they were in me. It makes me laugh, and every time I pull on a pair of hot pants I think to myself, 'This is the last time', but it never is. I haven'' quite put an end date on hot pants yet,' said Minogue.


She said being thought of as sexy made her happy.


'I've never had a problem with being a sex symbol. I'm a woman and it's a lovely compliment. It's a nice feeling that people like how you look. I've always been very comfortable with it,' she said.


Minogue said she still couldn't believe she is 42 now.


"Part of me feels like I'm still 21 and I always will be. A lot of people thought I would have a problem when it came to turning 40, but I didn't -- I totally embraced my forties," she said.


'When I'm in the retirement home, I'll still be getting out my old costumes and feathers and putting on a show. It's what I've been doing my entire life and it's a total blast,' she added.


And there is another side to Minogue that most people have not seen.


'I can be a total nerd. I love to pull on casual clothes and play golf, and when I'm with my nephews I turn into this woman who rolls around on the floor, changing nappies and getting covered in poop,' she said.


Image: Kylie Minogue

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Charlie Sheen loses teeth ''from too much drug use''

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Charlie Sheen has apparently lost all his teeth from too much drug use, as a result of which, he has had to have them replaced with porcelain veneers.  


But his continued drug use has meant the veneers have also dropped off and had to be replaced with gold teeth.


All these facts were revealed by the 22-year-old porn star who partied with the actor at his Los Angeles home. 


Kacey Jordan, who admitted to having "quick sex" with the actor, said Sheen was moaning about the state of his teeth.

Image: Charlie Sheen

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Miley Cyrus voted 'worst celebrity influence'

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Miley Cyrus has been voted the celebrity with the worst influence on young girls in a new poll.


The 18-year-old 'Disney' star, who was recently spotted smoking a bong, topped the list for the second year in a row, reports the Daily Star.


She beat Lindsay Lohan, 24, and Demi Lovato, 18, who have both been in rehab over the past 12 months.


The poll was conducted by


Image: Miley Cyrus
Photographs: Susana Vera/Reuters
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