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Hard Kaur: I'm thrilled to be out of Jhalak

May 26, 2009 15:10 IST

'I'm thrilled to be out of Jhalak'



She raps, she dances and she blows your mind with her 'don't give a damn' attitude.

That's Hard Kaur for you. Even her elimination from Jhalak Dikhla Jaa doesn't seem to dim her enthusiasm for life. As a matter of fact, fans got a taste of undiluted Hard Kaur during a chat on Monday. For those who missed the chat, here's what transpired.

Hard Kaur says, Hi this is Hard Kaur..whats up?

DJSHANKY asked, Hey HARD KAUR, I just love your eyes. How dare a cheap reality show voted you out. You are the best and I hope that you really will keep it up to the mark and will make us more TALLI than anyone else
Hard Kaur answers,  Hi DJ Shanky. First of all thank you for the support. I am quite thrilled to be out of the show. No more cameras in my face. I am happy that people appreciated my Faadu dancing. I shall carry on entertaining you with good tunes in the future.

Johnny Gaddar asked, Ek Galassy, Do Galassy, Teen Galassy...Char...
Hard Kaur answers, If you have any more, then you know you are Talli :)

dharam asked, I lov the way u dance
Hard Kaur answers, Thank you so much. I enjoyed it very much on Jhalak and got to learn so much :)

dharam asked, when r u going to get married
Hard Kaur answers, Hi Dharam.That's a good question. I think I will make some more money first :)

Arbab asked, R u disapointed after losing in jhalak?
Hard Kaur answers, Hi Arbab. Not really. I am very happy that people all across India were very upset with my elimination and all the great remarks that I have got makes me feel like a winner already and I have lost some weight... hahaha

Johnny Gaddar asked, Hard Kaur...u r the first lady rapper of India...Congrats on dat...
Hard Kaur answers, Thank you. :)

Sid asked, HEy HK..... Any plans of Acting In a Movie?
Hard Kaur answers, Hi Sid. Thanks for your question. Not yet, still concentrating on releasing my album this year and am about to go on a world tour. Plus, if a character comes my way that suits me I should definitely think about it. Whatever you do, do it properly so I would have to do a good job or not do it at all. :)

jay asked, you are the most beautiful,bubbly person in the world . your boyfreind will be the luckiest person in the whole world. I really love you
Hard Kaur answers, Good. I am showing this message to him straightaway...hahahah... Thank you so much, you are so sweet :)

Image: Hard Kaur


'I'm not a lesbian'

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navjot asked, hi HK how r ya? when r u coming to Australia???
Hard Kaur answers, Hi Navjot. We have been getting a lot of enquires about Australia recently so anytime soon definitely this year.:)

Hard Kaur answers, Hi Sameer. Yes and what a great time to go. They wrote to be continued just to keep you interested and continue watching the show. But I am pretty happy with what I achieved on the show especially so much love from the public. :)

Raj asked, Hi Hard Kaur...Raj r u??
Hard Kaur answers, I am fine Raj. How are you? :)

hardcore asked, hi hard kaur, i want to know about when ur first punjabi album come and name of that?
Hard Kaur answers, Hi Hardcore. The real Hard Kaur here. I released an album with SareGama in 2007 called Superwoman and I will be releasing my second album later this year.

aditya asked, what brand of garment u endorse
Hard Kaur answers, Hi Aditya. It's everything that relates to hip hop mostly but if you have anything in mind then let me know :)

Mangooo asked, Hey there!! I realli kike ur Songs especially "Talli...". Ur songs are energetic. So what will be the next surprise for us from ur side??
Hard Kaur answers, Hi Mangooo. Thank you so much. Yep, we love energy songs coz we love to party. Next is a track on Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani, another Akshay Kumar song coming up, Toonpur ka Superhero and many more.

rahul asked, hi Hard were the best dancer in Jhalak....i dont know how u got voted out...just keep it up, you are a delight to watch when on floor....
Hard Kaur answers, Hi Rahul. Thank you so much. I shall keep rocking it up. I didn't really get voted out. You know how it is. But I am happy that people have appreciated my dancing. :)

fgfd asked, r u a lesbian some how i feel like that
Hard Kaur answers, That's great but I'm not a lesbian.

Image: Hard Kaur

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'My roots belong to India'

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Manish asked, it is shocking that you are out from jhalak
Hard Kaur answers, Hi Manish. Yes it is, but I am quite happy with all the love I received. Look forward to many more great things coming your way :)

Manish asked, How you started rapping ?
Hard Kaur answers, I started rapping in 1995. I just fell in love with the music and realised this is what I wanted to do. First, I started writing and mastering my skills as an MC and slowly started going to battles and open mics. Then I started recording which helped me release my own songs and people to hear my voice. :)

Priyanka asked, Hi HardCore ! You are the uncrowned Queen of Jhalak - everyone knows it, so don't feel bad. Keep smiling, singing & dancing your way to our hearts. Love and hugs, Priyanka
Hard Kaur answers, Hi Priyanka. Thank you so much for your loves and hugs :) I shall keep rocking it for you guys always. I feel very happy and appreciated when you guys give me blessings so it is all good. Thank you again.

naina asked, we are shocked at the result and i agree that the results are rigged.
Hard Kaur answers, Hi Naina. Since it is my first reality show I got to learn that it is what it is. Things will slowly change and I am glad that I did such great dances and learnt so much through this experience :)

Abhisek daga asked, hi hard kaur,u r a bundle of energy.whats the secret of ur energy?????
Hard Kaur answers, Hi Abhisek. The secret? Well, I say stay happy and don't worry. Be yourself and live your life because we are all going to die one day so lets make the most of it :)

ravi asked, what are the positives from the show
Hard Kaur answers, Hi Ravi. The best thing we raised the standard of performances, did Faadu dancing, learnt so many styles, made friends with Mohinderji and Baichung and lost loads of weight. hahahahah

Abhishek asked, Hi Hard Kaur, Do you have any plans for live show in Singapore?
Hard Kaur answers, I came down last year and had a great time and definitely will be returning hopefully this year. Tell your club promoters to book me man :)

nehascorpion asked, When is ur Bday Hard Kaur
Hard Kaur answers, On July 29. I am Leo, can't you tell? hahaha :)

SAPS asked, U WERE Awesum wud luv to learn to dance... jus like u
Hard Kaur answers, Hi Saps. Yeah dancing is great. It's the best way to stay fit and I will get in touch with my choreographer Savio if you want. He is the best!

Desi asked, Hi how much do you real hate Freshies in UK Keep hand on your heart and say the truth? you shown a desi as a fool in one of your videos
Hard Kaur answers, Hi Desi. I don't hate no Freshies as I am a Freshie myself and don't diss people from India coz they are more talented and way ahead than people in UK. Okay mate! And my heart living in UK teaches you many good things but my roots belong to India.

Image: Hard Kaur

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'Hip hop is my lifestyle'

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SAMEER asked, hey der ur really macho gal in ths bad world as seem u been sweet from outside but tough frm inside
Hard Kaur answers, You got it spot on mate. You have to be macho to survive in this big bad world but it's also a protection thing, and yes, I am sweet from the inside :) :) :)

Priya asked, Hey Hard kaur, loved your performances on Jhalak , can we see u in any more realities after what happened on Jhalak ?
Hard Kaur answers, Hi Priya. Thank you so much. No, I don't think I will be doing reality shows for a while unless it is do with good dancing, singing or comedy. Entertainment ke liye kuch bhi NAHI karega :):):)

richie asked, hey Hard, who do you want to win on JDJ now? I know you would have surely won had they not plotted against you..
Hard Kaur answers, Hahaha ... Shall I tell you who won? Shhhhhhhh! Keep it a secret until Saturday, it's Baichung.

a4vonly asked, ur really great wud u like to dance with me??
Hard Kaur answers, Where? On the computer? But thanks, would love to :) :) :)

sapna asked, wt is ur future planning pls. tell????????????????
Hard Kaur answers, Hi Sapna. I am releasing my new album this year, going on a world tour and definitely looking forward to some great Bollywood hits coming your way :)

HarMEET asked, You are always shown in a particular look on screen. You just love to be bound to that look or you are afraid of losing your identity if you change your looks??I feel you should try some different looks that will suit you..PLZZZZZZZZ ANSWER..
Hard Kaur answers, Hi Harmeet. I don't think you have researched enough, love. My looks and style has been changing from day one whether its normally or in Jhalak. Are you crazy? Did you see how many different hair styles I had just on the dance show? Yes the hip hop look is my favourite and most comfortable. Hip Hop is my lifestyle.

Hard Kaur says, Hi everybody. Thank you for all your questions. Sorry I could not answer all of them as my agent is a cow and is dragging me to my next booking for recording and giving me dirty looks while I write this. For those who have not been able to chat please get in touch via Myspace page which is Love you guys. Muah Muah Muah Chakde Fatey!

Image: Hard Kaur

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