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The Dabangg twitter war continues

Last updated on: March 9, 2011 15:01 IST

The Dabangg twitter war continues



Twitter is a busy world, and Bollywood contributes a great deal to it. Here's looking at the best star tweets of the day.

he Dabangg war continues on twitter.

The latest came from Anurag Kashyap, who clarified why he had apologised to Salman and Arbaaz Khan earlier.

'Dost fati toh meri dawood se nahi jab black friday banai thi, na halaat se jab film release nahi hoti thi.. maafi maangi kyonki galat news pe react kiya tha.. galti maanne main bhi nahi phati.. tum log bas thodey badey ho jaao,' he tweeted.

Anurag entered the controversy after he took up for his brother Abhinav -- the director of Dabangg -- and slammed Salman on twitter. 'Salman khan thinks he made my brother's life.. Hope he can do the same for his brother Arbaaz with Dabanng 2,' he wrote.
Later in the day, he apologised: 'Apologies to Salman, Arbaaz, and all their fans. I have deleted my tweets. I was drunk and upset and apologies to Abhinav too.'

Arbaaz Khan did not take his comments lightly and had tweeted back: 'Instead of gratitude some people show attitude. Wah kya zamana aa gaya hai. Time will tell. Kabhi asliat ko bahar aane mein time lagta hai,'

But now it seems, Arbaaz has had enough. 'This is it. Don't need to give any more clarification. Now let the work begin. Let's all move on,' he updated.

If some reports to be believed, then Abhinav is busy writing a script for Shah Rukh Khan. Well, as they say, your enemy's enemy becomes your friend.

Image: Anurag Kashyap
Photographs: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Loving every moment of Joker

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Akshay Kumar seems quite happy with the cast of Joker.

The actor posted a long tweet about the events on the sets: 'Fierce competition on our sets these days & I'm not talkin about acting. It started with friendly games of dog and the bone,paintballing and now me, Vindu, Sonakshi, Shreyas & 'Jokers' token white boy Tyler have built an official volleyball pitch in the local fields. Seriously though you would think we were competing for the Olympics!

'After yesterdays match our forearms are covered in bruises but we are preparing 4 tonight's sun down match already...
'Its been a really hectic 2 weeks, even by my standards, but coming back from an amazing weekend at home with my wife & son, I'm now enjoyin myself with my cast & crew. People may say i work too hard sometimes but when you are with people as great as these guys it just makes every tiring day so worth it :-)

'I haven't had this much fun on set in a long long time. No joke we've become like a family. If all of us aren't in a shot we are either competing who can do the most chin ups (sorry i cant reveal the winner), playin games, watchin cricket, ridin the worlds oldest fairest wheel on set or slamming volleyballs, its just been a shoot to remember :-) No matter what the future of 'Joker' holds for us, i just wanna say its been an absolute pleasure filming with every single person involved & sadly we've almost finished our 1st schedule! I don't know what I'm gonna miss more the games or Sonakshi's mom's midnight feasts :-)'

Image: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

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Wrapping up

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Priyanka Chopra had a great time with the cast of her film Don 2 as well. She tweeted: 'so Im shooting for don 2 in Malaysia. AwesomeNess. Last three days of the film.. Makes me sad. It has been so amazing. Will miss everyone.'

Image: Priyanka Chopra
Photographs: Malcolm Taylor/Getty Images
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