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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » Check out the coolest celeb ads of 2011 so far

Check out the coolest celeb ads of 2011 so far

Last updated on: May 27, 2011 19:44 IST

Check out the coolest celeb ads of 2011 so far

Sukanya Verma in Mumbai

Whether it's two hours or sixty seconds, Bollywood loves to make an impression on its viewer -- for a hefty remuneration, of course.

From selling clothes, curtains to paste and detergent, there isn't any scarcity of celebrity advertisements on the tube. While most of them rate between standard to meh, a few are endearing enough to not get on our nerves despite repeated viewings. And that's no mere achievement with ZooZoos basking in all the limelight.

Here it is then, ten of the coolest celebrity endorsements of 2011 so far:

Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan, Tanishq

It's always nice to see one of the most adored pairs of Hindi film industry collaborating creatively.

After nearly a decade's gap following Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Mr and Mrs Bachchan star together in this lighthearted commercial woven around a typical banter involving a disapproving wife and an eager-to-please husband with the help of some shiny, technically certified bauble.

Their effortless chemistry and easily relatable scenario makes this one an instant hit.

Image: Tanishq advertisment


Ranbir Kapoor, Tata Docomo

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Ranbir Kapoor is no Jerry Seinfeld but as a stand-up comedian working up some funny lines around mobile providers and phone plans that are neither too ambitious nor too low brow, he's rather convincing. Also, we are exhausted of the 'Get an idea' overkill, so this one's a welcome break.

While a half-smile is ensured in almost every ad out of the 'Keep it simple, silly' series, he's particularly entertaining impersonating a gruff version of dad Rishi.

Keep it up, silly.

Image: Tata Docomo advertisement

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Deepika Padukone, Nescafe

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The Dum Maaro Dum lass sure knows how to shake and stir.

Having a celebrity neighbour can do all sorts of things to one's psyche. Nescafe's latest commercial highlights that with a roaring dose of sensuality.

To think all the fuss is around a glass of cold coffee, with an awestruck Purab Kohli and smug Karan Johar forming part of the picture, but it's Deepika's seriously sexy jiggle in a rolled-up tank top and itsy-bitsy skirt that aims for a caffeine-strong impact.

Image: Nescafe advertisement

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Aamir Khan, Tata Sky HD

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Opponent's envy, company's pride, that's Tata's advertising karma for you. Following Docomo and Tanishq, the brand makes its presence felt courtesy Aamir Khan's latest hilarious get-up as Babloo, a quirky cricket genius messing with the clueless umpire on the phone while glued to his television set.

So what's the idea? Keep it silly, simple. And boy, does AK make it work or what? Duh, like *all* the time. Muahaha, right?

Image: Tata Sky HD advertisement

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Priyanka Chopra, Samsung Inspira

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You might have gotten bored of watching Priyanka Chopra don multiple avatars on big screen. This time she restricts it two to demonstrate Samsung refrigerator's dual sensor controls personifying a whiney spinach and a seductive ice cream tub.

This could have turned out all wrong if not for Priyanka's comic timing ('Cheh rupaye mein paav bhar aati hoon to kya itna lightly loge?') and amusing face-off between a haggard and hot version of herself.

If ever there's a big screen remake of Baingan Raja, Chopra need not audition.

Image: Samsung Inspira advertisement

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Kalki Koechlin, Micromax Mobile

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There's nothing celebrity-ish about this ad. Instead of emphasizing on a star presence, this breezy promo features Kalki as a regular youngster hanging out with her folks, somewhere in Europe, while enjoying a catchy song on her music player.

Only the device is actually a phone on she cleverly slips out the concert seating D1, to her pretty boyfriend.

It's sweet, smart and snazzy. And very Kalki.

Image: Micromax Mobile advertisement

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Shah Rukh Khan, Airtel

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After all those ho-hum adverts about long-lasting wall paints, energy-inducing biscuits and opulent furnishings, SRK makes a pleasant comeback with this laidback, black and white Airtel commercial musing poetically over the anguish of being a cricket buff.

With IPL season in full swing, the Kolkata Knight Riders owner is at once effective, eloquent and charismatic in conveying the mood.

Image: Airtel advertisement

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Imran Khan, Coca Cola

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Whoa, what was that? I hear you. As nonsensical it may be, the crazy 'Brrrrr' campaign has spread like a viral.

Blame it on Imran Khan. Even if the chocolate face has precious little to do, Coca Cola's vibrating produce is in all probability brrrrrrring its way to the bank.

Image: Coca Cola advertisement

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Katrina Kaif, Mango Slice

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As if Sheila Ki Jawaani wasn't sizzling enough, Katrina Kaif continues her Slice seduction in the Aamsutra series by pouting those luscious lips and 10-on-10 figure with stylish grace.

Just like its predecessors, the ambiance is unmistakably dreamy, tactile and evocative, bolstered by whiff of Latika's theme (Slumdog Millionaire), while Kats sashays in mango-hued chiffon.

If the ad agency's desired reaction is, 'I'll have what she's having,' they got it.

Image: Mango Slice advertisement

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Juhi Chawla, Kurkure

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If there's one actress who can make even the most contrived work with her humorous persona alone, it's Juhi Chawla.

Inspired by Aamir Khan, her co-star of several hit films, the chirpy star goes for a massive makeover as a big talking Goan aunty in the latest Kurkure commercial, a brand she's been endorsing for many years now.

One look at these 30 fast-paced seconds wherein she animatedly recounts a murder mystery, a bag of diamonds and directions to the treasure, all this time chomping non-stop on a bag of promotional munchies -- is enough to know why they aren't looking for a replacement.

Image: Kurkure advertisement

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