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'I learnt cooking by trial and error'

Last updated on: January 5, 2012 14:54 IST

'I learnt cooking by trial and error'


Shipra Khanna won Master Chef India last week, a cash prize of Rs 1 crore, a holiday in London and a chance to host her own show on Star Plus.
The 29-year-old mother of two, who is divorced from her husband, caught up with fans on Rediff Chat to talk about her newfound success, and even shared some great recipes and tips.

Here's the unedited chat transcript for those who missed the chat:

Shipra Khanna says, Hi this is Shipra. I am here to chat with you all for the next hour.

vaibhav asked, what is your success story ???
Shipra Khanna answers, I think after so many failures still wants to prove herself and show that I am not a failure in life when one keeps trying in the hope of winning and in the end wins it is the success story for me.

red asked, Shipra, u also shud hav shared some amount with ur colleagues like shazia did. she also played v gracefully!!!
Shipra Khanna answers, I am sharing a part of my prize money with the underprevilaged kids in Shimla

Amar asked, What are your favourite recipes 
Shipra Khanna answers, The couple on my favourite on he show was Yam Mousse and Baked with Berries which was a yogurt and Tandoori Chicken Patte. I also loved the carroct cake with graam masala that I made for the finale.

rohit asked, so what are your plans for future..... how about opening something like "Shipra Khanna Chain of Restaurants"
Shipra Khanna answers, As for now I dont have the skills to open a restaurant. I would like to brush up mu culinary skills and explore a lot of places and try new ingredients of different places. 

Image: Shipra Khanna


'I had no strategy and planning when I entered the kitchen'

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Harish asked, Congratulations on ur victory! How did it feel to win Master Chef?
Shipra Khanna answers, Its still not sunk in. But it feels nice because the competition was really tough. All the 12 contestants were talented and competiitve. It feels great to make it through and win it. 

KAVITA asked, hi shipra, congrats. What is the besggest lesson you have learnt from life? 
Shipra Khanna answers, One should trust onself and not blindly trust people around. Make use of your life to make it big. At the end of the day its just you and yourself who you are answerable to. 

Harish asked, Shipra, do you feel that one dish you cooked, you could have done a better job with that?
Shipra Khanna answers, There was task when Chef Sabby and Neeta Mehta had come when I made Chicken Al-a-kiev which I gave my Indian falvours. I could have done a better job

Harish asked, How much of hard work has gone into ur victory? What sort of preparation u underwent to get ready for Master Chef 2?
Shipra Khanna answers, I had no strategy and planning when I entered the kitchen everytime thinking I will make a mark with my dish even if I have to walk out. It was only hard work. There was so much of stress and struggle but as I said all the contestants were competitive. 

Image: Ajay Chopra, Shipra Khanna, Vikas Khanna, Kunal Kapoor

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'I don't have a formal training in cooking'

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Harish asked, What next for Shipra? Will you open a restaurant or write a new cookery book?
Shipra Khanna answers, As of now I will do a cookery show on Star Plus. I then intend to come out with a cook book for the common man and brush up my culinary skills. 

Harish asked, Some important tips to upcoming chefs. What is required to be a good top chef like Shipra Khanna?
Shipra Khanna answers, Loving food is the first thing and cooking it love. I also believe that keeping the flavours and textures in mind and how to blend it. More than that Food is a vast chapter so do something wild and break the rules. You might just end up coming out with something unusual and interesting.

Neel asked, Congrats SHIPRA. Who was your toughest challenger?
Shipra Khanna answers, If I tell you one than it will wrong. I was scared of all of them as every new task there was someone who would show his or her strengths so it was a tough challenege. 

Aditya asked, Hello Shipra, Congrats! How did you train yourself for this?
Shipra Khanna answers, I dont have a formal training. It was trial and error that I have learnt my cooking.

Image: Shipra Khanna
Photographs: Sonil Dedhia

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'I have proved that women cannot be suppressed; we are strong'

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charu asked, Congrats Shipra, I am also from your home town Shimla. Do you have any Himachali recepies to sahre with? 
Shipra Khanna answers, There is a dish called Palda. The gravy is made with curd and chickpeas and you get dry fruits and sliced coconut and fried paneer. 

bobbby asked, being single mum u gona inspire many ppl in comin days....chers to a strong willd girl..u MC@ cheers i new u had a spices in u to b at the top MC2 congrats...shipra 
Shipra Khanna answers, Thank you so much. God gave me the chance to enter Masterchef and I have proved that women cannot be suppressed and we are strong and we should be proud of it. Its a women's world. 

adi asked, Shipra What is the difference between MasterChef India and MasterChef Australia and MasterChef USA.And what if you get an opportunity to participate in Masterchef USA or Australia.
Shipra Khanna answers, After winning Masterchef India I would not get to participate in any other Masterchef. I am proud to be an Indian 

Nisha asked, Have the judge chefs given you any tips or advice on how to handle your career in future?
Shipra Khanna answers, I think I have learnt it from the judges on how to make the right choices and being grounded. 

Image: Shipra Khanna

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'I never thought I could win the title'

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deepu asked, Hi..Congrats...R u nervous in the finals.. or Confidant of winning the title?
Shipra Khanna answers, I was neither nervous nor confident. All I wanted to do was to present a dish that would speak for itself.

Subu asked, Aprat from winning moment, which one was ur best moment through out the MC2 journey??
Shipra Khanna answers, I think I saw Chef Jehangir. He is my idol and it was one of the best moments of my life to shake hands with him. He gave me a complment too

bobbby asked, What is the single advise u would Give to single mum? 
Shipra Khanna answers, Be strong and trust yourslef and keep faith. God always listens to all the prayers. Its not always that you need a man to live.

Prakash asked, When did you actually feel in yourself that you could make it to the finals and also win the title?
Shipra Khanna answers, Frankly I never thought I could win the title as all of the contestants were competitive. I learnt that even if it is a small mistake would land up eliminating you so I was very cautious while cooking. 

Shipra Khanna says, Thank you all for taking out time and chatting with me. 

Image: Shipra Khanna

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