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Bipasha: Everything scares me. I am a fattu!

Last updated on: August 22, 2014 13:58 IST

Image: Bipasha Basu
Patcy N/ in Mumbai

Here are 5 things that really SCARE Bipasha Basu.

Bipasha Basu has become a horror queen of sorts.

She has acted in scores of horror movies like Aatma, Raaz and Darna Zaroori Hai, and they have made money. Her next movies Creature and Alone also have a fear factor.

One would think she's very brave to take up such movies and make a career out of them, but this actress does get scared.

Bipasha reveals 5 incidents that really scared her. Patcy N listens in.

1. The unknown

Everything scares me!

If you touch me from behind, I will get scared.

Whenever I'm on the treadmill, I'm very focused. If the treadmill next to me is empty, and then suddenly someone gets on it and starts it, I get scared.

It happens everyday!

I know someone will come and use it but still I scared, every single day.

I am a fattu (coward)!

My friends and family have given up on me.

But I am very brave as far as insects are concerned. I can pick up a cockroach and squash it. I don't like lizards. I can shoo a rat. I am okay with things I can see. I'm scared of the unknown.


2. Ooty

Image: Dino Morea and Bipasha Basu in Raaz
Patcy N/ in Mumbai

Ooty (a popular hill station in Tamil Nadu) is scary. It's a very haunted-looking place.

I have shot quite a few movies in Ooty (like Raaz, and her upcoming films Creature and Alone).  

It is a beautiful hill station but it's got an eerie and ghostly vibe. You want to walk with at least three or four people in the night.

You would not like to roam around alone.

3. Shooting Alone

Image: Karan Grover and Bipasha Basu in Alone
Patcy N/ in Mumbai

I haven't told anyone what happened to me on the sets of Alone.

Vikram (Bhatt, producer) knows me, so he knows how scared I am. I had informed my director Bhushan Patel that I am a very scared person. He must have thought I didn't mean it, as I'm an adult and do horror films. I don’t think he took me seriously.

There was a scene in which I had to come face-to-face with a ghost. Everybody in the scene thought I was acting.

In the scene, I had to lie down and then turn around. When I turned around, my face was right in front of the ghost's face. It was just inches away!

They cut the scene but I couldn’t stop howling.

They didn’t know what has happened to me. I howled for 15 minutes on the bed. My team of make-up artists came in and held me.

After that, Bhushan said they will layer the scenes, and the ghost scenes would be shot separately. He did not want to take the chance again.

I had sleepless nights shooting that film.

4. Old flats

Image: Urmila Matondkar in Bhoot
Patcy N/ in Mumbai

I like Bhoot a lot. Even though I get scared, I watch horror movies because of the thrill.

Fear is entertaining.

I close my eyes and my ears, and peep through my fingers to watch the film.

After watching Bhoot, I decided never to move into an old flat, in which someone had lived before.

I swore to myself to go to a new building, and buy a new flat if I had to.

Some of the horror films that I like are The Others, The Shinning, Aatma, Raaz and Raaz 3.

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5. Shooting Gunaah

Image: Bipash Basu and Dino Morea in Gunaah
Patcy N/ in Mumbai

I had an eerie incident on the sets of Gunaah, and that wasn't even a horror film.

We were shooting on the top floor of Mukesh Mills (in Colaba, South Mumbai). I was a new actress then and had no idea that it was supposedly haunted.

I had to say a long monologue and move from one room to another. I knew my dialogues thoroughly, but as soon as I would start to say my lines, I would suddenly forget them.

And I wasn't able to walk ahead.

I tried it about eight or 10 times.

Then the caretaker of Mukesh Mills told the director (Amol Shetge) to take me down and tie my hair. I was sent down and they got some baba (an ascetic) to come over and give me some water. I had it and immediately fell asleep.

Later, my hairstylist told me that one of Saroj Khan's dancers had been possessed in the same room a month ago, and she later died.

Now, I tackle my own boothia (ghostly) films.