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Tuesdays & Fridays review

February 20, 2021 13:25 IST

If only the film had ample romantic moments in there to make the heart beat faster,Tuesdays & Fridays could have made for a better watch, feels Joginder Tuteja.

The romcom Tuesdays & Fridays hits the screens at a time when audiences are yet to make a comeback at theatres.

To make things worse, the film has arrived with practically zero promotion.

Its promo was released without any fanfare and the songs weren't promoted either.

As a result, there is hardly any awareness around the film.

After watching the film, one can understand why this has been the case.

It turns out to be one of those films that can be watched on an OTT platform, considering its stage, setup and genre is on the lines of made-for-OTT films.

The concept of the film doesn't help either.

The couple (played by newcomers Anmol Thakeria Dhillon and former Miss India runner-up Jhataleka Malhotra) decide that they would have a romantic relationship only on Tuesdays and Fridays, and on the other days, they will be just friends.


Does such a phenomenon exist in the West?

Or did it happen during the lockdown in India and I missed it?


Director Taranveer Singh does try to pep up the affair by bringing in other characters.

So we have Zoa Morani, Niki Walia, Parvin Dabas, Anuradha Patel and Parmeet Sethi coming together to support the lead couple in taking forward their romance.

However, the situations turn from being entertaining to boring to laid back and then exciting again at rapid intervals, hence making Tuesdays & Fridays a drive which just like its title works only sporadically.

Had this romance been consistent for the whole week, maybe the film could have managed to be successful in keeping the entertainment quotient alive right through its running length.

To give credit though, the film maintains a glossy look throughout, and the production has a rich look.

As performers, Anmol and Jhataleka work.

It must have been rather courageous for Anmol to pull off a bearded look in his debut flick and he does that confidently.

On the other hand, Jhataleka has an exotic quality around that makes her appearance stand out.

Now if only the film had ample romantic moments in there to make the heart beat faster, Tuesdays & Fridays could have made for a better watch.

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