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'Super 30 made me feel I was back in class'

Last updated on: July 12, 2019 17:21 IST
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Super 30 is a must watch for each and every student, parent and teacher, feels Anup Raaj.

Anup Raaj joined Anand Kumar's Super 30 class in 2009. He went on to graduate from IIT-Bombay, and is an entrepreneur today. You can read his inspiring story here.

After watching the Hrithik Roshan starrer, Anup shares his thoughts on it:

The first half of the film depicts the early stage of Anand sir's struggle and his love for mathematics.

Hrithik Roshan has done so well. His acting is above expectations. The way he has gone down to match the look, feel and emotions of Anand sir is really great.

He mirrored the real Anand sir life in every aspect -- energy, enthusiasm, look and feel.

The teaching was an exact match.

Anand sir used to teach us how to solve things mentally, without pen and paper.

The 'Close your eyes' technique is so deeply-rooted in my mind that I use the same technique when I teach.

The 'Straight line' chapter was exactly as I studied it.


Super 30 made me feel that I went 10 years back, that I was back in class.

Being from a Hindi medium board, I could totally relate the low confidence when faced with the Hindi-English issue. I faced a huge problem in English even after coming to IIT.

The film was so intense and entertaining that it reached intermission in no time.

The second half was more about the hardships faced by Anand sir to keep Super 30 alive.

By the end of the film, almost the entire theatre had tears in their eyes.

People lifted up Anand sir on their shoulders like Sachin Tendulkar's World Cup moment.

Everyone looked at him with respect.

Super 30 is a must watch for each and every student, parent and teacher.

Every student and his family can relate to some parts of Anand sir's life.

It is a very motivating movie.

I joined Super 30 in 2009. It was good to get that feel again.

I rate this film 9.8 on 10.

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