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This article was first published 14 years ago  » Movies » Yuvan partially delivers in Yogi

Yuvan partially delivers in Yogi

By Pavithra Srinivasan
October 05, 2009 15:00 IST
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Post Paruthiveeran, expectations from Ameer have been extremely high. Upcoming is his own venture, Teamworks Productions House's Yogi, directed by Subramaniya Shiva (director of Thiruda Thirudi), which starsĀ Ameer.

With Yuvan Shankar Raja at the musical helm, as he has been for other Ameer projects, and Snehan writing the lyrics, here's a look at what the album has to offer:

What sounds like a homing beacon flickers in your ears, leading up to Neha Bhasin humming, and then a burst of synthesized music, as Blaze half-raps, half-sings Yogi Yogi Thaan. The music is heavy on crash-bang rock; the lyrics are surprisingly as hero-centric as you'd find in a star flick. Ominous rumblings and thunderings slam through the interludes, while the vocals are almost drowned out. If you're really keen on crashing instrumental music with just barely a care about the vocals, this one might appeal. It ends in an ambulance whine.

Ustad Sultan Khan begins Yaarodu Yaaro, a ghazal-like beginning that augurs well. Yuvan Shankar Raja pitches in, as well, with his trademark nasal voice in what has now become a template: a tune laced with anxiety, angst and deep foreboding about the future.

In this slower, steadier number, strains of Manmadhan and Kunguma Poovum Konjum Puravum echo as you listen to the instrumental interludes, which is pleasing. Ustad Sultan Khan's refrain adds some variety to the song, though, and it seems like the kind of song that gets better with successive listens.

Yogi's theme music in Saarangi, performed by Ustad Sultan Khan is melodious. It's also backed by impressive instrumental arrangement. Coming from Yuvan, it pretty much conforms to form, without being over-the-top.

An involved percussion piece kicks off Seermevum Koovathula -- a welcome break from the previous numbers, alternating in speed, and very pleasant indeed.

With its almost folksy beat, intermingling with typically Madras speech, colloquialisms and phrases, it almost makes you grin as Ameer, Naveen, Snehan and Jijuba take itĀ turns to regale us with drunken song. And the strains of Oh Rasikkum Seemane, a perennial favourite among music-lovers, actually liven up proceedings, not to mention the hilariously rendered segment that apes the classic street-theatre song from Sivaji-Savithri's Navarathri, tharai thappattai included.

Almost Japanese-like strains of melody spill out of the violins in Yogi's theme music. It is a short track, and not exactly fulfilling, but perhaps the picturisation will add more layers to it. Yogi Yogi Thaan's remixed version is, as per usual, a snazzed up, more synthesized music-infused piece (if that's even possible.).

Perhaps its just a case of too much too son, for Yuvan Shankar Raja. You get the feeling that he's really trying to put out something new in his songs, and the effort shows but it doesn't last, and he falls into familiar patters. Yogi would be considered good from any other composer, but from Yuvan, you've come to expect more. In that sense, it only partially delivers.

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Pavithra Srinivasan