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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » Review: Mariyam Mukku is confused and disappointing

Review: Mariyam Mukku is confused and disappointing

Last updated on: January 27, 2015 12:47 IST

A scene from Mariyam MukkuMalayalam film Mariyam Mukku has a wafer-thin plot, says Paresh C Palicha.

Scriptwriter James Albert chooses the sea and fisherfolk as the setting for his first film as director, Mariyam Mukku.

Fahadh Faasil, the most saleable of the new generation stars, plays the lead character.

Mariyam Mukku is a fictitious place influenced by Portuguese and English culture.

Felix (Fahadh Faasil) is an orphan who grows up under the shadow of his godfather Marian Asan (Manoj K Jayan), who is the king of the area. Felix is his hitman.

Felix’s life changes when he falls in love with his childhood playmate Salomi (Sana Altaf) who tries to reform him.

This is the wafer thin storyline of the film, padded by a host of characters and situations to allow it to stretch a little beyond two hours.

The village gets its name from a statue of Mother Mary which gains significance in the second half.

The director doesn’t quite know whether to make the story humorous or not.

It is the same with the characters; one moment they are intense and purposeful, the next they do something funny, or vice versa.

For example, Felix and Marian Asan have a verbal spat over Salomi. Felix leaves huffing and puffing. Marian Asan orders his men to finish Felix. But, after a few moments of intensity, there is a divine intervention that is totally funny.

Fahadh Faasil has won hearts doing unconventional roles. Here he tries to be a typical hero who dances, romances, fights and even gets funny.

Sana Altaf, who is appearing for the first time as a leading lady, shows that she has got the mettle to be cast opposite Fahadh.

Joy Mathew, as Salomi’s father Sayippu, and Irshad who plays a thug with comic flair, leave their mark.

On the whole, Mariyam Mukku is confused and disappointing.

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Paresh C Palicha in Kochi