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Review: Goli Soda is brilliant

By in Chennai
January 28, 2014 09:35 IST
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A scene from Goli Soda'Lightly flavoured with the innocence of teenage romance and lots of action, Tamil film Goli Soda is totally worth watching' says S Saraswathi.

Goli Soda is directed by cinematographer-director S D Vijay Milton and distributed by N Lingusamy's Thirrupathi Brothers.

Vijay had directed the romantic comedy, Azhagai Irukkirai Bayamai Irukkirathu. He has been cinematographer for some 20 films. He received critical appreciation for his work in Autograph, Kaadhal and Vazhakku Enn 18/9.

Goli Soda features the famous Pasanga boys, Kishore and Sree Ram, who won the National Award for their remarkable performance in the film, along with Pandi and Murugesh.

Goli Soda is the story of four youngsters who make their living as daily wage labourers in Koyambedu Market in Chennai, hauling sacks of fruits and vegetables for a pittance.

They are orphans, barely make enough to sustain themselves, but are cheerful, look out for one another and are not afraid of hard work.

The only thing that haunts them is a lack of identity: they have no family, no home, and no education. It is almost like they don’t exist at all.

A kind soul, Aachi (Sujatha Sivakumar), who owns one of shops in the market, acts as their mentor and guide. Despite her gruff manner, she is deeply attached to the boys.

Naidu (Madhusudhan), the president of the Market Association, is both feared and respected. Though he does lend a helping hand to those in need, he has the market firmly in his control.

Aachi feels the boys need a better opportunity to prove themselves and seeks Naidu’s help. Naidu generously allows them the use of one of his shops at the market. After much thought,

the boys decide to open a small eatery.

The eatery becomes a huge success, the boys become known throughout the market, and things start looking up. But trouble comes in the form of Naidu’s brother-in-law, Murali. He frequents the shop, spending long hours drinking and smoking with his buddies, frightening off the other customers.

Things continue to worsen, until one day the boys are forced to retaliate, a huge fight breaks out, and there is complete chaos in the market.

Naidu becomes extremely angry, but the boys are unwilling to give up their newfound identity, and are prepared to face his wrath.

How the boys take on the might of Naidu forms the rest of the story.

An exceptionally well-made and fun-filled film, Goli Soda races along at great speed and keeps you entertained throughout.

The endearing characters are its biggest strength, especially the boys, but the rest of the characters too are perfectly cast.

The spontaneity and ease with which the boys essay their role would put most big stars to shame. They share a natural camaraderie. Their body language, dialogue delivery and dialect is perfect.

Both the girls, Seetha and Chandhini, are commendable and so is Sujatha Sivakumar. Imman Annachi is hilarious and succeeds in keeping the audience in splits.

Technically, too, the film is sound. Editor Anthony ensures the film doesn’t flag and stunt choreographer, Supreme Sundar, deserves a special mention for the action sequences with the kids.

The film is about friendship, raw courage and the determination to establish one’s identity and place in society. Lightly flavoured with the innocence of teenage romance and lots of action, Goli Soda is totally worth watching.

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