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Nee Venunda Chellam: A mess

August 18, 2006 20:35 IST

When you have 'Jithan' Ramesh, Gajala and Namitha in the star cast, you can expect nothing but a potboiler like Nee venunda Chellam. However, except for Gajala and Thilakan, the actors all compete for a Most Wooden Performance award, with Ramesh clearly emerging as the winner.

In terms of plot, Kannan (Ramesh) is an expert on giving beauty tips to ladies who come to his dad's (Nizhalagal Ravi) shop. Anjali (Namitha) is the proposed bride of a dreaded don called Ashok (Vincent Asokan). His goons always follow her, beating up those who gets close. Geetha (Gajala) is the only daughter of Vishwanathan (Thilakan), an employee at the Thalisadar's office. Vishwanathan likes to put anyone who is against him in a spot by sending anonymous letters or fixing them in his own way.

Geetha's main pastime is having a monologue with the idol of Lord Krishna. Now, Kannan (another name for Lord Krishna) visits his friend's house and sees Geetha having her talk with 'Kanna'. He hears her ask for favours from the Lord and does them for her himself, without revealing his identity. And yes, he falls for her. With the help of a fake godman called Renigunta Reddy (Vivek), he sends her love letters. This reaches Vishwanathan, who redirects them to Ashok.

Ashok's men have a clash with Kannan, who bashes the hoodlums. He comes into contact with Anjali, who falls in love with him. Vishwanathan's plan boomerangs and he vacates his house. Kannan and Geetha meet at a temple, where the latter confesses her love for him. Vishwanathan hatches yet another plot and plans to make Ashok go against Kannan but, this time too, it boomerangs.

The story continues, one twist folowing another.

With an idiotic smile, deadpan look and depressing dialogue delivery, Ramesh is hardly the right choice for a romantic hero. With many fights involving him flying through the air to beat up baddies, the scenario gets worse. Namitha, who has specialized in wearing dresses that are much shorter than her normal size, simply pouts and rolls her eyes. When she finally slits her own throat, you feel a sense of relief.

The only saving grace is Gajala, who gives a good performance and fits the bill as an innocent girl. Thilakan's character has depth, and the veteran actor essays the part well.

Dhina's music is loud, except for the songĀ Ethanay Janmam (Harish Raghavendar-Sadhana Sargam with lyrics by Pa Vijay). Bharani Sri's cinematography works whenever Namitha comes on screen. Vivek's comedy mars the pace, while Vincent Asokan hams his way through. L Venkatesan, the director, realizes towards the end that he has not done justice to the title, and promptly has Namitha die mouthing Nee Venunda Chellam.

You can easily give this one a miss.

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S Sudha