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Ms Marvel Review

June 10, 2022 09:24 IST

Ms Marvel has some super heroic stuff and emphasises there are no limitations from one's religion if one wants to follow one's dream, applauds Saarah Aslam.

The Marvel universe is always a step ahead to mesmerise its audience. Its new series Ms Marvel is a treat for us South Asians.

Pakistani American actress Iman Vellani makes her debut in the MCU by playing Kamala Khan, all of 16, who is trying to find her new identity as she was unaware of her super powers.

Kamala is a fan of Shah Rukh Khan, she listens to Coke Studio and faces problems that any teenager can relate to.

Directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah made sure to give viewers the best of what they want from a teenage superhero.


The series starts off with Kamala who lives with her parents: An overprotective mother (don't we know the type!) Muneeba Khan (Zenobia Shroff), a chilled out dad Yusuf Khan (Mohan Kapur) and a supportive older brother Aamir (Saagar Shaikh).

Then, there's her creative and supportive best friend Bruno (Matt Lintz) and a strong-headed Nakia (Yasmeen Fletcher) with whom she visits the mosque every weekend.

Kamala's room is covered with Avengers posters. She has a rough time at school and fantasises about becoming Captain Marvel.

Kamala is worried about convincing her parents to let her go to AvengerCon, an event where people get to dress up as their favourite Avenger.

Her problem is one every South Asian teenager would probably relate to -- her mother thinks there will be 'bad boys' at the event.

Kamala receives a bracelet from her grandmother to wear to AvengerCon. As soon as she wears it, things go haywire.

Kamala is excited yet nervous after discovering the power of the bracelet.

We have always seen the troubled life of a superhero who fights aliens or outer world beings. Here, MCU's first Muslim superhero is fighting to find her own identity.

She's trying to save the world, but also struggling with her parents' mentality. Watch her solving the world's problems along with her own is quite interesting.

Iman's acting is up to the mark. She has a charismatic personality which keeps viewers invested in the series.

I loved the scene when Kamala is shown crying in her room after having a disagreement with her parents, then her brother Aamir comes in and has a supportive and meaningful conversation with her.

It's tough to see her mother trying to stop Kamala from following her dreams without even knowing how much it might hurt her daughter.

Ms Marvel has some super heroic stuff and emphasises that there are no limitations from one's religion if one wants to follow one's dream.

A lot of history is yet to be unfold in the series, so viewers have a lot to look forward to in upcoming episodes.

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