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Gully Boy: Ranveer Singh's show all the way!

January 09, 2019 16:35 IST

Ranveer Singh transforms himself into Chotey so well that you really feel 'uska time aa gaya hai.'

Javed Akhtar once discussed his struggling days in an interview where he had only 50 paise in his pocket (this was the 1960s) and had to go some place.

He had two options: Either go hungry and take a bus to that place or eat something and walk down to that place.

He chose the second option, as he felt that if the stomach is full, at least a man can walk.

The trailer of his daughter Zoya Akhtar's Gully Boy seems to be inspired from every struggler who wants to make it big in Mumbai, the city of dreams.

So when you hear the dialogues, you feel it is connected to Javed Akhtar's struggling days, in a story set against the hip-hop culture.

'Jintey bhi artist huey na aaj tak, sab saaley bhukey phakad (All artists have been born hungry and broke).'

The beauty of the trailer is in the lyrics of those rap songs.

Hear them carefully and you feel for the lesser mortals living in Dharavi, among the largest slums in India.

'Akela insaan phir gaadi teri chaar kyon, ghar mein hai chaar phir rooms tere aath kyun? (Why does one man need four cars and eight rooms for four people in a family?)'

'Noton se banate hai apne beton ko star hai na (Rich men make their sons a star with their money).'


Visually, Gully Boy is well shot, in real locations.

Alia Bhatt gets into the skin of the character and delivers dialogue with perfection.

Vijay Raaz, playing Ranveer Singh's father, is so good he makes you want to plead to film-makers: Give him more work, please!

But it's Ranveer Singh's show all the way. He transforms himself into Chotey so well that you really feel 'uska time aa gaya hai.'

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