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Will We See Shah Rukh Khan On OTT?

September 15, 2021 12:02 IST

'All he has to do is say yes, for a staggering price.'

IMAGE: 'Don't know when my passion became my purpose and then turned into my profession. Thank u all for so many years of allowing me to entertain you. More than my professionalism I believe my passionalism will see me through many more years of service to all of you. 28 years and counting... and thank u Gauri Khan for capturing this moment.' Photograph: Kind courtesy Gauri Khan/Instagram/Instagram

There is a buzz doing the rounds that Shah Rukh Khan has agreed to an OTT series with Disney-Hotstar hosting his debut.

"It is true he has been offered gazillions of digital projects," a source tells Subhash K Jha. "Every major OTT platform has come forward with a carte blanche: All he has to do is say yes, for a staggering price."

"But he is yet to make up his mind about any particular platform or project," the source adds.

As far as Disney-Hotstar is concerned, Shah Rukh is open to the idea of a collaboration.

But no. He hasn't said yes to the offer so far.

We can only wait and watch how the negotiations develop.

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