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Meet Pranitha's Baby Girl

Last updated on: June 15, 2022 11:22 IST

Hungama 2 actress Pranitha Subhash welcomed her first child on June 11 and she describes the days since as 'surreal'.

Pranitha shared her experience of giving birth to her baby girl, recounting how especially emotional it was for her gynaecologist mother Dr Jayashri.

The actress, who was also seen in Bhuj: The Pride of India, married Bangalore-based businessman Nitin Raju on May 30, 2021.

Please click on the images for a closer look at Pranitha and her baby.


IMAGE: Pranitha shares her experience:
'The last few days have been surreal ... ever since our baby girl was born..
'I was really lucky to have a gynaecologist mom, (Dr Jayashri) but for her this was the hardest time emotionally.
'Thankfully we had Dr Sunil Ishwar and his team at Aster Rv that made sure my delivery was smooth. Also wanted to thank Dr Subbu, our anaesthetist and his team who made sure the process was as less painful as possible. Can't wait to share my birth story with you all.'
Photograph: Kind courtesy Pranitha Subhash/Instagram


IMAGE: 'Appreciation post for my mum Dr Jayashri.. The best any girl could ask for would be a gynaecologist mom . But when a gynaecologist has to deal with her own daughters pregnancy, it's very very tough emotionally because she knows of the various complications that can possibly happen ..
'I remember this scene from Munna bhai mbbs where Boman Irani talks about how his hands would shiver if he had to operate on his own daughter..
'Thankyou mummy for making this a peaceful experience.. n it's only now that I understand why she's always running to the hospital at odd hours for her own patients because each patients responsibility is on the hands of her gynaec. It's only now that I understand why she puts her profession ahead of her personal life, vacations or any family events.'
Photograph: Kind courtesy Pranitha Subhash/Instagram





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