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Why Karan Johar asked Ram Gopal Verma for Bhoot

June 17, 2019 13:58 IST

Karan Johar's horror franchise Bhoot is a loss-compensating strategy, and is meant to minimise the financial setbacks Dharma Productions suffered by Kalank's thundering debacle.

"The failure of Kalank was horrific," a source close to Dharma Productions tells Subhash K Jha. "Brainstorming at Dharma suggested the horror franchise entitled Bhoot. To be made under a very tight budget, the series of films is expected to recover investments within the first three days of release and then make a small profit."

Signing Vicky Kaushal, who is currently riding the crest of success, is a masterstroke.

Vicky is not expensive, not as expensive as some Dharma stars like Shah Rukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor.


Getting the title Bhoot from Ram Gopal Varma was a masterstroke.

Karan was reluctant to approach Ramu with whom he has warred in the past on Twitter.

But his team at Dharma was adamant and Karan made the move reluctantly.

Surprisingly, Ramu handed over the title Bhoot to Karan without fuss.

"It was a surprise, and generous of Ramu. Karan intends to pay back the favour," the source adds.

Photographs: Kind courtesy Vicky Kaushal/Instagram

Subhash K Jha