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Who is Ileana making faces at?

September 25, 2021 12:17 IST

Esha is a boss lady... Ajay's holiday with Yug... Raashii goes traditional...

Please click on the images below for a better look.


IMAGE: Ileana D'Cruz gets goofy.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Ileana D'Cruz/Instagram


IMAGE: Esha Deol is 'vibing with the boss and the boss is me.'
Photograph: Kind courtesy Esha Deol/Instagram


IMAGE: Raashii Khanna, in traditional mode.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Raashii Khanna/Instagram


IMAGE: Khushboo, who has lost a lot of weight, observes, 'When your 18yr old jean fits you well.'
Photograph: Kind courtesy Khushboo/Instagram


IMAGE: Advice from Divyanka Tripathi: 'A person smiling could be unhappy/worried/scared...but it may not be pretence. It may simply mean that they are strong enough to handle their problems.'
Photograph: Kind courtesy Divyanka Tripathi/Instagram


IMAGE: Ajay Devgn flashbacks to his Maldives holiday with Yug to celebrate the child's 11th birthday.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Ajay Devgn/Instagram


IMAGE: Ravi Dubey is having a nice time.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Ravi Dubey/Instagram


IMAGE: 'Can walk endlessly on the Cobbled streets of Budapest... Strangely reminded me of the narrow lanes of Old Jodhpur... only difference being the odd buffalo sitting in the middle of it, refusing to get up,' notes Sumeet Vyas.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Sumeet Vyas/Instagram





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