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When Bollywood stars could travel

May 04, 2020 17:33 IST

Bollywood stars, clearly missing their summer holidays, have been posting throwback pix from vacations past.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Shama Sikander/Instagram

Shama Sikander posts a pic from a holiday in Croatia.

'It's getting HOTTTT in here!!!! aagayi #garmi', she says.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Lisa Ray/Instagram

'Four years ago. Vietnam. I know in our personal histories there will be a BC (before coronavirus) and we can only hope our PC (post-COVID-19) world will grant us the grace to mindfully travel our glorious planet,' says Lisa Ray.

'The year 2020 symbolises perfect vision. The veils falling from eyes, unsmudging insight. Can we take our learnings forward when we surge outside our homes, into a partially healed world?'


Photograph: Kind courtesy Tisca Chopra/Instagram

Tisca Chopra posts a pic of Bow Falls, Alberta, Canada.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Nia Sharma/Instagram

Nia Sharma posts pix from her Swiss holiday.

'If someone's taking a moment alone, they're either reminiscing the past or silently farting!! (I was only posing here I swear).'


Photograph: Kind courtesy Shriya Pilgaonkar /Instagram

Shriya Pilgaonkar posts an amazing pic from Ibiza, Spain.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Krystle D'souza/Instagram

Krystle D'souza recalls the time she was at the Hagia Sophia museum in Istanbul.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Ahaana Kumra/Instagram

Ahaana Kumra posts a pic from Kowloon, Hong Kong, and notes, '2018 Throwback to when we travelled to HongKong to shoot the #webseries #ItHappenedInHongKong!'

'I'm always going to be grateful that I made some of the most wonderful friends through this shoot!'


Photograph: Kind courtesy Shobita Dhulipala /Instagram

Shobita Dhulipala posts a pic from a Tuscan holiday, recalling, 'Past me standing in front of present me. If you get it you get it.'

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