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What's On Mallika's Mind?

By Rediff Movies
May 14, 2022 09:45 IST
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Sargun's backless story... Shweta fancies boots... Shefali chills in Goa...

Please click on the images for a look at the stars.


IMAGE: Mallika Sherawat enjoys the LA sun.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Mallika Sherawat/Instagram


IMAGE: Meanwhile, in Mumbai, Neha Sharma is fed up of the heat and wants to go to Chicago: 'Some place cold will be nice at this point.'
Photograph: Kind courtesy Neha Sharma/Instagram



IMAGE: Chahatt Khanna chills at the beach.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Chahatt Khanna/Instagram


IMAGE: Sargun Mehta is a vision in white.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Sargun Mehta/Instagram


IMAGE: Shefali Jariwala holidays in Goa.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Shefali Jariwala/Instagram


IMAGE: Shweta Tiwari tries on some boots.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Shweta Tiwari/Instagram





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