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Were Parveen And Zeenat Friends?

April 05, 2023 23:45 IST

Were Zeenat Aman and Parveen Babi rivals or friends back in the day?

On the latter's 69th birth anniversary on April 4, Zeenat remembered her with a beautiful post, and explains the kind of relationship that they had:

'I'd like to remember and honour Parveen today, on her birthday.

'Parveen was gorgeous, glamorous and talented. Back in the 70s, we wore our hair in a similar manner and enjoyed Western fashion.

'Though neither of us saw it, we were told we had an uncanny resemblance.

'It must have been true, because as recently as last year I was approached in Dubai as "Parveen ma'am".

'Naturally the media at the time spun tales of competition and rivalry between us, but in reality we were always warm towards each other.

'Not best friends, but contemporaries, colleagues and well wishers.

'We worked together on Ashanti and Mahaan'.


'Parveen's struggle with mental health illness came at a time when the country was still so insensitive and ignorant on these matters.

'After her death, I often ruminated on how she was remembered.

'The tabloids focused on her romantic relationships and "episodes", but Parveen was much more than who she dated or what she said when she was unwell.

'I feel she never truly got the chance to say her piece.

'She was intelligent and hardworking and creative.

'She loved reading, and I remember her curled up with a book in between shots on set.

'She achieved incredible success as an actor, even featuring on the cover of Time magazine.

'Later, she took up various creative pursuits, embarked on a spiritual journey, and started designing interiors.

'We stayed in touch on and off for years, before ultimately drifting apart.

'Parveen was remarkable in many ways, and I hope she will be remembered for the effervescent person she was.'

After reading the post, Kajol commented, 'So true.'

Sophie Choudry adds, 'Always loved you both. Must have seen Ashanti hundreds of times just for the both of you. True Divas. This is beautifully and thoughtfully written as only you can.'

Photographs: Kind courtesy Zeenat Aman/Instagram