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Want to share a burger with her?

By Rediff Movies
April 03, 2021 12:54 IST
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Chahatt looks HOT.. Sarah wants to go to a beach...

Photograph: Kind courtesy Parnitha Subhash /Instagram

Pranitha Subhash, who will be seen in Bhuj: The Pride Of India and Hungama 2, has a funny question for you: 'Does trying to fit this burger into my mouth count as fitness?'


Photograph: Kind courtesy Chahatt Khanna/Instagram

Chahatt Khanna makes black and white look hot.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Sarah jane Dias/Instagram

Sarah Jane Dias wants to go to the beach.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Urvashi Dholakia/Instagram

Urvashi Dholakia shares a throwback picture from a vacation.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Bhagyashree/Instagram

Bhagyashree is 52 and proud of it:

'Yes ! I am 52 and proudly so. I wear my age like a badge.
'Why should I conform to the way society perceives a 50year old to be?
'Why can't I serve as an inspiration to how a 50year old can be?
'I work hard on maintaining my health, physical, mental and emotional. Life has its ups and downs, but how you deal with it is in your hands.
'I wasn't always like this, I learnt the hard way. Fell down but got back up, got hurt but learnt to heal, faltered and failed but didn't give up.
'Excuses don't count, blames make you weak...actions have consequences, own up, stand up and be on your way.
'You are unstoppable if you believe you are. Be the woman you want to be.'


Photograph: Kind courtesy Neil Nitin Mukesh/Instagram

Neil Nitin Mukesh feels, 'Your eyes speak all the words that your mouth couldn’t.'


Photograph: Kind courtesy Ankita Lokhande/Instagram

Like Ankita Lokhande's LBD?


Photograph: Kind courtesy Divya Dutta/Instagram

It's dessert time for with Divya Dutta.

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