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Trailer Review: Fan will be intriguing

Last updated on: March 01, 2016 13:31 IST

The latest trailer of Fan seems a bit familiar, feels Raja Sen.

We’ve seen it all before.

Or have we?

The new trailer for Maneesh Sharma’s Fan is out now, and it shows us an obsessive fan, head over heels for a megastar.

It all seems a bit familiar, like if Shah Rukh’s Darr met Kevin Costner starrer The Bodyguard or Robert De Niro starrer The Fan. Not to mention a true De Niro masterpiece: K..k..k..king Of Comedy, anyone?

That said, Sharma’s film has been marketed on the back of surprises, and every bit of publicity about Fan has us anticipating something different.

The last release, a song featuring Shah Rukh dancing with reckless abandon as he plays a prosthetically aided -- and much younger -- lookalike of himself, was a hoot and this theatrical trailer, it must be said, pales in comparison.

It all looks a bit conventional from this angle, the obvious drama and the thriller elements, the film intriguing because Khan himself plays both obsessor and the object of obsession.

That is no small feat, of course.

The actor is definitely pushing himself as a performer, though it remains to be seen if Fan will provide the meta-exploration into the very nature of celebrity that its first glimpses promised.

Khan has ventured toward that area before as well, with movies like Billu that have explored the nature of fans and stars.

Either way, Fan will be intriguing -- if only to answer whether anyone can love Shah Rukh Khan like Shah Rukh Khan.

With arms wide open, Fan releases on April 15.

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Raja Sen in Mumbai