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This is what superhot Lisa Haydon loves to do

By Jahnavi Patel
Last updated on: May 30, 2016 18:54 IST
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Everything you say can and will be used against you.' This was Lisa Haydon's Instagram post as she waited to be interviewed for Housefull 3.

But the leggy lass needn't have worried. After all, she got along like a house on fire with her female co-stars, Jacqueline Fernandez and Nargis Fakhri. In fact, there was a point when they were asked to shop chitchatting and concentrate on the shoot!

With pranksters as her male co-stars (Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh and Abhishek Bachchan), it was clear she had to be ready for some monkey business.

She tells of us an incident where Riteish and Akshay sneezed on her. Offended, she went to talk to directors Sajid-Farhad about it. That's when she realised they were actually using a spray gun to imitate a sneeze.

"I became a ninja after that," says the actress. Every time they came near her, even if it was just to say hello, she would first ask them what they had behind their back.

Lisa shares her Housefull journey with Jahnavi Patel/

Lisa Haydon

IMAGE: Lisa Haydon. Photograph: Lisa Haydon/Instagram

How does it feel to be part of a successful and popular franchise?

It feels good. it was a no-brainer in that sense. I hope the third installment lives up to the first two movies.

I haven't done a film in this genre. I have worked in family comedies, but not with this kind of an ensemble cast and this sort of team.

My family loves Housefull. So do my friends, my dad's friends and my sister's little friends. Fingers crossed, I hope they love it this time too.
As it was an ensemble cast, did each character get a chance to prove himself or herself? 

Every film is an opportunity to do your best.

The most important thing about an ensemble cast is teamwork and being a unit. If you do your part to the best of your ability, the film works. If the film works, everyone does well.


IMAGE: Nargis Fakhri, Jacquelin Fernandez, Lisa Haydon. Photograph: Lisa Haydon/Instagram

You bonded really well with Jacqueline Fernandez and Nargis Fakhri.

Actually, this was one of the things that drew me to this film.

You do a comedy family film because you want to enjoy yourself; it's not a serious kind of scenario.

I really liked the idea of the three of us coming together; I thought it was a very fresh casting idea. I hope we do Charlie's Angels next.

Did that bonding help while you were shooting?

Yes, it did.

Sometimes, the directors found it quite distracting. They would say, "Action" and we'd still be talking. At some point, they were like, "Can you guys stop talking?"


IMAGE: Lisa Haydon,  Jacquelin Fernandez. Photograph: Lisa Haydon/Instagram

Can you tell us something about Jacqueline?

We first met at a fashion show many years ago. She is very hard-working. She is always going over her Hindi dialogues. She is very earnest and always comes to the sets prepared.

She's a very healthy eater and eats lots of fruits. Me on the other hand… they used to hand out these chocolate biscuits, chips, tea cakes, Snickers bars and other foreign chocolates… every time it'd come around, I'd grab and eat it.

Jackie didn't think that was healthy and put me on a no sugar diet. She'd message me everyday, asking what I had for breakfast. I used to lie to her because my no sugar thing lasted for exactly two days.

Nargis is a healthy eater too. She doesn't eat anything raw that could have bacteria or germs. She eats clean and simple food.

Do you like doing comedy films?

I love it. It's my favourite genre. I like to laugh.

Watching a movie unfold while you're shooting is like watching it live in the theatre. This was the most inspiring part for me.

Everyone is improvising and the energy they bring… that's why I like it so much; it's just a good laugh.

In real life, it is so easy to take yourself seriously. We want to project ourselves in the best possible way but, in comedy, you have take yourself less seriously. You make fun of yourself. It's quite cathartic.


IMAGE: Lisa Haydon in Shaukeens

Shaukeens was a different kind of comedy as opposed to Housefull 3. What kind of comedy do you enjoy as an actor and as a member of the audience?

In Shaukeens, I felt everyone in the film was a bit wacked… my dynamics, especially with Akshay (Kumar), was a bit dysfunctional.

In that film, I was also the comic factor; they were laughing at the horrible things I used to give Akshay and how obsessed I was.

In this film, the boys have done that and the girls were their foil.

We three girls are goody two shoes, especially in front of our father. We're very sanskari (cultured) but we also like to have a good time. We're hiding what's going on to get our dad's approval to marry these people.

I really did enjoy both the comedies.

There was one point in Housefull 3 where Jacqueline, Nargis and I start laughing. We call ourselves the reaction ranis because everything is constantly happening around us and we're acting so virtuous; we do nothing wrong and we're so shocked by everything.


IMAGE: Riteish Deshmukh and Lisa Haydon in the song Pyaar ki from Housefull 3

You are paired with Riteish Deshmukh in the film. How was your bonding with him?

Riteish is a really nice co-actor. He is always up for rehearsals. You can't work out chemistry but you can work out your dynamic with each other.

I think he has got really good comic timing and I am really impressed by his polarities as an actor.

Do you feel the pressure with Housefull 3?

This is a bad thing to say but I actually feel less pressure. It's not like one person is bearing the brunt of the film; we carry it together. If there's one person standing alone, there's definitely pressure but, here, six of us are standing together.

That's not something I want to take for granted. I think it's important to work hard and we have. It's just a little bit easier when it's team work.

There's also the fact that the previous two films have got such a fan following. I hope they'll come to watch our film too. I hope Housefull 3 lives up to the first two films.


IMAGE: Lisa Haydon. Photograph: Lisa Haydon/Instagram

Do you think it is important to make your social media presence felt?

It is. People can interpret you in many different ways when you're in the public eye. If they misunderstand you, social media is there to show the world who you are, what your sense of humour is, what you stand for.

I like to keep in touch with my fans too. I have developed a friendship with some of them.
What next after Housefull 3?

I am going to start shooting for India's Next Top Model, the syndication of America's Next Top Model. I am very proud to be a part of that show.

I feel it takes many qualities to be successful in any line of work; that's why I try and focus on the girls. Just being good looking is not enough.

You need to have discipline and bring forward your creative self. I try and encourage them. I feel I have something to offer which is why I like doing the show.


IMAGE: Lisa Haydon and Kangana Ranaut in Queen.

Do you think your fan following has gone up after Queen because the film has achieved a cult status?

Sometimes, I don't realise what that film meant to people. Then, when they ask me questions about it, I realise they really love the movie and nobody has forgotten it.

I do feel my fan following has gone up. Your opportunity to reach out to people as a television presenter is very good. As a model, it is not as much. But, as an actor, you suddenly are in all the small towns and villages, in all those parts of India we don't get to connect with.

In that way, I definitely know the difference now.

When I travel, or walk through a shopping centre, I can feel the difference. There are people who want to chat and take a picture. It wasn't like that before; it's a good feeling.

The most important thing is to feel connected and, when you're an actor, you feel extra connected to people. Maybe one shouldn't get used to it.

When they come up to you, it's almost like they know you; it makes you feel like you have a connection with them even before you say anything.
Are you open to being a part of a television series?

I am, but it would have to be something I really feel is up my alley. I think time is very precious and it's good to pick and choose your battles wisely.

It would have to be something that I am passionate about. I was offered a few shows but nothing has piqued my interest.

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