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December 30, 2014 09:11 IST

A look at the year's biggest disasters.

The year 2014 was marked by more cinematic setbacks than filmi folks or fans would have liked. 

While big budget projects lucked out, small films with really respectable names associated with them struggled to make money.

A look at some of the biggest flops of the year:

Super Nani (Rs 2.5 crore)

This was a big letdown for director Indra Kumar who had raked in Rs 100 crore for his adult comedy Grand Masti in 2013.

The Rekha starrer was delayed by many months and turned out to be a damp squib upon release.

The film was a critical and commercial disaster.

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Kaanchi (Rs 4 crore)

What a fall for mega director Subhash Ghai, who was hailed as The Showman for many years.

Kaanchi was a labour of love and starred rank newcomer Mishti.

Whether it was the poor script, the howlarious direction or awful acting, Kaanchi got it wrong on all counts.

Easily, one of Subhash Ghai's worst ever.

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O Teri (Rs 4 crore)

O teri, yeh kya tha -- was the reaction of just about everyone who saw this clueless film, which was incidentally Atul Agnihotri's follow up to Bodyguard (Salman Khan starrer that he had produced).

The film was devoid of a plot, and suffered due to a jerky narrative and unintentional humour.

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Revolver Rani (Rs 11 crore)

Kangna Ranaut was flying high on the success of Queen.

Until Revolver Rani came out.

The mafia action thriller did have its moments, but an uneven narrative spoiled the show.

The film sank without a trace.

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Gulaab Gang (Rs 15 crore)

The film brought former rivals Juhi Chawla and Madhuri Dixit face-to-face in what promised to be a fiery story of feminism and theatrics.

This Anubhav Sinha production wasn't bad per se, but the audience was not particularly enthused to witness the (much hyped) face-off between the former reigning stars.

A poor climax didn't help its cause either.

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Happy Ending (Rs 22 crore)

Happy Ending met with a rather sad ending at the box office.

The film boasted of the romantic comedy flavour that we associate with Saif Ali Khan's previous successes, but audiences didn't give it a chance.

Despite praise for Govinda's turn and decent music, the film had a poor opening, couldn’t sustain itself, and was plain ignored.

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Ungli (Rs 23 crore)

Karan Johar’s Ungli was stuck in the cans for quite some time and the buzz had died down by the time it was released.

Even a star cast with the likes of Sanjay Dutt, Emraan Hashmi, Kangna Ranaut and Randeep Hooda didn’t help.

Shraddha Kapoor's dance number was added at the last moment. Audiences, though, chose to give it a pass.

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Raja Natwarlal (Rs 29 crore)

Emraan Hashmi had put his money on Raja Natwarlal, directed by Kunal Deshmukh.

They were reasonably confident about the film, which was designed as a smart thriller with many twists and turns.

The culprit was the characterisation of Kay Kay Menon, which many couldn't stomach, even though he acted well.

The songs didn't work at all, and that added to the film's woes.

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Action Jackson (Rs 59 crore)

If the first half catered to the masses and sped off as a racy thriller, the second half went downhill as a poor copy of Shah Rukh Khan's Chaahat.

Despite the poor reviews, the film scored reasonably well in the single screens.

Multiplex audiences didn't fancy the Ajay Devgn starrer and the film soon disappeared.

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Humshakals (Rs 65 crore)

Let's admit it -- despite all the negativity surrounding Humshakals, it did manage to fetch Rs 65 crore.

The Sajid Khan film had a good opening; in fact one of the better ones this year.

But there was so much of a backlash against the Saif Ali Khan-Riteish Deshmukh-Ram Kapoor film that it just couldn't survive.

If not for the trolling on social media and other forums, it could have earned a few more crores, which would have landed it in the safe zone.

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