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Sunil Grover to Kapil Sharma: Don't act like a God

By Rediff Entertainment Bureau
Last updated on: March 21, 2017 18:27 IST
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'You hurt me deeply,' Sunil Grover tells his co-star in The Kapil Sharma Show.

Apart from being in the news for introducing us to his ladylove Ginni, Kapil Sharma has been in the news for other reasons as well.

According to reports, Kapil and his The Kapil Sharma Show co-star Sunil Grover had an altercation on their way back from Australia after a performance.

Kapil, who was reportedly in high spirits, abused Grover and got into a fight with him on the flight.


After the media reported this incident, Kapil clarified his stand on social media:

'Hi.. good morning friends .. was celebrating my best time n suddenly I heard a news about me n sunil paji fighting.. first of all see where it is coming from.. what r the intentions behind this..'

'if I fought with him in the flight then who saw it n informed u.. is he trustworthy..?'

'Some people enjoy these kind of stuff.. we eat together .. we travel together.. I meet my brother once in a year.. n spending almost everyday with my team.. specially sunil ..'

'I love him.. I respect him.. yes I had a argue with him but r we not normal people?'

'I shouted at him first time in 5 years .. itna to chalta hai bhai. We will sit n talk that where is the problem..'

'I love him as a artist as a human being.. he is like my elder brother.. why so much negativity all the time..

'I respect our media.. there r some other serious issues which we need to focus.'

'Is me n sunil's issue is so important n related with the security of my country?'

'We spend a lot of time together rather then our families .. n sometime it happens in family.. its our family matter.. we will sort this out.. zyada maze mat liya karoo.'

'OK now m tired typing .. n one more thing.. I m going for the final schedule of Firangi. Hahahahaha.. sorry again promotion..'

'thank u so much for ur love n blessings... keep smiling n stay happy always love u all.'

Grover, who plays Dr Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi, will reportedly not return to The Kapil Show.

Grover shared his views on social media as well:

'From a friend with love, @kapilSharmaK9: Bha ji! Yes, You hurt me deeply.'

'Working with you has been a learning experience. Just one advice start respecting human beings also apart from animals.'

'All are not as successful as you are. All are not as talented as you are.'

'But if they all are talented like you, who will value you.'

'So, have some gratitude towards their existence. And also, if someone is correcting you, don't abuse that person.'

'Refrain from using foul language In front of women who had nothing to do with the stardom you carry, they are by chance just travelling with you.'

'Thanks for making me realise it was your show and you have power to throw out anybody, anytime.'

'You are the wittiest, and the best in your field. But don't act like a 'God'.'

'Take good care of yourself. Wish you lot more success and fame.'

To which Kapil replied, "Paji @WhoSunilGrover sry if I hurt u unintentionally. u knw vry well how much I luv u. M also upset .love n regards always.'

'@WhoSunilGrover paji dil jitt liya tusi.. now I love u more n more n more .. hun bada mazaa aan wala a.. akal aan to baad.. I love u,' Sharma added.

He also mentioned how much he missed him on the show. '@WhoSunilGrover today packed up at 6 am after so long n I missed so many things.. love u .. see u in evening at ur home.'

Photograph: Sunil Grover as Dr Mashoor Gulati and Kapil Sharma on The Kapil Sharma Show.

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