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Sridevi and Boney Kapoor's love story in pictures

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February 27, 2018 08:31 IST
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'I went up to her set, met her and when I met her it was almost like a dream coming true.'
It was love at first sight for Boney Kapoor!

Sridevi was a very private person who loved nothing better than spending time with her daughters and her husband.

Her love story with Boney Kapoor started in the 1980s, but it's hardly been well documented.

We look back at some lovely pictures of the couple, and tell you more about their relationship.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Sridevi/Instagram

Sridevi and Boney had a simple wedding in 1996, but they made it known to the world a year later.


IMAGE: Boney and Sridevi in 2002. Photograph: Rediff Archives

At 2013's India Today Woman Summit, Boney spoke in some detail about how they fell in love.

Even though he had planned a film with Sridevi and Rishi Kapoor in the 1970s, it didn't work out.

After Sridevi starred in her Bollywood debut Solva Sawan (1979), she made an impact on Boney.

'It wasn't a glamorous film, but at that point of time she was creating some kind of an impact on me which is hard to describe but nonetheless she was in my mind all the time,' Boney told the India Today Woman Summit.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Sridevi/Instagram

Boney first met Sridevi when he signed her for Mr India in 1984.

'I went up to her set, met her and when I met her it was almost like a dream coming true,' he says.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Sridevi/Instagram

Since Sridevi's mother looked after her daughter's career, Boney went to Chennai to meet her.

'At that point of time, she was the highest paid actors among the females. Her mother quoted me a figure. I knew she had signed films for about 8, 8-and-a-half lakhs those days. Her mother quoted 10 lakhs. That was probably her way of negotiating. I heard her figure and said no, I will pay 11 lakhs,' he said.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Sridevi/Instagram

'I was married then,' Boney had said, referring to his first wife Mona. 'I, in fact had confessed to my ex-wife that I am in love with her.'

Boney had two children from his first wife, Arjun and Anshula.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Sridevi/Instagram

Boney says he even followed her to Switzerland for the shooting of Chandni.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Sridevi/Instagram

'Somewhere she saw this man is too persistent and perhaps realised that I was sincere and wasn't looking for a fling... I didn't want to use this word but okay,' he continued, 'Somehow things fell in place and what really made a different was the kind of care and concerned I showed towards her family when she lost her father.'

'These are small things which made an impact on her and here I am, as her husband today.'


Photograph: Kind courtesy Sridevi/Instagram

Boney once spoke about how he proposed to Sridevi in an interview with Filmfare magazine.

'While I had already fallen in love with Sri, initially it remained one-sided,' he had said.

'Once, in Chennai, my friend and his wife, Sri and her mother and I were to meet for lunch. But her mom unexpectedly fell unwell and dropped out. This was the first time Sri had stepped out without a family member.'

'After lunch when I was dropping her back home, I confessed my love to her. She got rattled, angry and hurt.'

'For almost six-eight months after that she stopped talking to me.'

'Then the serial bomb blasts happened in Mumbai in March 1993. Those days Sri would be put up at Hotel Sea Rock.'

'When I came to know about the blasts, I immediately called up her mother and insisted that Sri would no longer be staying there. I sent my staff to get her home.'

'Then on, till the release of Roop Ki Rani in May 1993, Sri stayed in my house.'

'My relationship with Sri grew normal again,' he added.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Sridevi/Twitter

Sridevi shares an affectionate relationship with Boney's brothers Anil and Sanjay Kapoor, and their wives Sunita and Maheep.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Sridevi/Instagram

Boney and Sridevi have two daughters: Jahnvi was born in 1997 and Khushi was born in 2000.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Sridevi/Instagram

While Khushi was with her mother at the time of her death, Jahnvi was in Mumbai shooting her Bollywood debut Dhadak.

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