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'Doosukeltha is a fantastic action comedy'

October 17, 2013 08:44 IST

'Doosukeltha is a fantastic action comedy'


Radhika Rajamani in Hyderabad

Vishnu Manchu tasted success with Denikaina Ready some time back.  His next project Doosukeltha is releasing today, October 17, in 900 screens in India and other countries such as USA, UAE, Singapore and Australia.

Apart from acting, Vishnu has also produced the film. 

In this chat, Vishnu talks about Doosukeltha, which is directed by Veeru Potla,

How did you come to act in and produce Doosukeltha?

I was in the US when I got a call from Manoj who said Veeru Potla had narrated a fantastic script and I should listen to it. I heard it.

Veeru wanted to start it soon. I didn’t need to knock on the doors of producers being one myself.

Were you cautious about signing a film after the success of Denikaina Ready?

I was petty cautious till I heard this one. After Manoj’s confidence in the script, I considered going ahead.

Image: Vishnu Manchu and Lavanya Tripathi in Doosukeltha


'I'm playing an investigative journalist in the film'

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What was exciting about the script of Doosukeltha?

The way the hero’s characterisation has been dealt with by Veeru Potla. I loved the way he narrated it with amazing dialogues.

I’m playing an investigative journalist. It is interesting.

Would you term Doosukeltha a romantic movie or a family film?

It is a fantastic action comedy.

You and Brahmanandam seem to be a super hit combination as both of you worked in Dhee and Denikaina Ready. What’s the new factor in the third D – Doosukeltha?

People say we are a successful pair. Whoever has watched the film has given me immense confidence.

How is Veeru Potla as a director?

He is a fantastic director. Dialogues are his plus point.

Image: Vishnu Manchu in Doosukeltha

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'My sister Lakshmi is doing a cameo in the film'

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Your heroine, Lavanya Tripathi, is relatively new. This is her second film…

She is a sweet girl. There was a lot of debate when the heroine was to be chosen. People wanted to look for an established heroine.

I was confident about Lavanya. I saw the potential in her (She had acted in Andala Rakshasi). I must thank Veeru Potla for casting her.

Slovenia seems to be the favourite destination for Telugu films these days...

Doosukeltha was the first film to be shot all over Slovenia. People are fantastic there.

How challenging was it to do dual roles, as actor and producer?

I am lucky that my best friend, Vijay Kumar, was also looking into various things. I was born into a production and acting family. This is my way of life and this is what I do.

What has been the involvement of the Manchu family in Doosukeltha?

My sister Lakshmi does a cameo. Manoj heard the script and okayed it.

Image: Vishnu Manchu and Lavanya Tripathi in Doosukeltha

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'I love taking a risks'

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You seem to have done some death-defying stunts in the film. Could you talk about the action sequences?

Action is interesting. I love taking a risks, but not foolishly.

I introduced Kecha in Telugu films with Saleem and then he did a number of films.

He was excited to do this film. I did the jumping out of the car stunt with proper precautions.

The film seems to have been given a U/A certificate…

I don’t know for what reason. Perhaps because of the violence. However, there were hardly any cuts in the film.

You seem to have begun work on the film directed by Srivas in which your father, brother, Raveena Tandon and Hansika are acting. It’s being produced by Manoj and you…

Yes, it’s produced by Manoj and me. It’s an out and out action comedy. 

We got Raveena Tandon as we wanted someone new to act with Dad.

Image: Vishnu Manchu and Lavanya Tripathi in Doosukeltha

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