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Review: Daggaraga Dooranga is worth a watch

August 26, 2011 14:04 IST
A still from Daggaraga DoorangaRadhika Rajamani feels Sumanth and Vedhicka Kumar carry the film on their shoulders. Post YOUR reviews here!

Director Ravi Chavali has used terrorism to impart a touch of realism to his romantic thriller Daggaraga Dooranga. Chavali has ensured that the basic formulaic elements -- songs, action, comedy -- are there in the film. The songs are distracting and the comedy seems a little forced, but the film does have a slightly different feel though it falls squarely in the domain of commercial cinema.

Gautham (Sumanth) is the creative head of an ad agency run by Bhagwan (Krishna Bhagwan). In order to satisfy a client, he creates a face on the computer that has individual features drawn from the models he shoots. The client is happy with the result. Hoardings are put up using the same face for a cosmetic ad and a liquor ad in which the model is skimpily dressed.

Meenakshi  (Vedhicka Kumar) who looks like the model Gautham dreamed up, is taken aback when her fiancé Anil (Ravi) and his parents threaten, to break off the engagement because they think Meenakshi is modelling for a beer ad. A shocked Meenakshi sets out for Hyderabad to meet the ad agency people. She contacts her friend Zarina, who is a daring TV journalist tracking terrorists. Zarina gives her a DVD to keep and says she will come back
to fetch it.

Meenakshi meets Gautham and abuses him for what he has done. Then she is kidnapped by the terrorists for the DVD and taken to a hotel. Gautham follows them and is involved in a scuffle with the terrorists. The terrorists escape but Gautham and Meenakshi are caught and branded as terrorists. They escape from the police and are on the run -- still handcuffed to each other.

The second half of the film is devoted to the two innocent fugitives, the terrorists and the police, chasing each other. In between, the character of Johny (Brahmanandam) is introduced .There is nothing particularly interesting in the terrorist angle, but it forms a relevant backdrop and keeps the tempo gripping to some extent.

Ravi Chavali could have ensured a slightly faster paced film, and avoided the songs and the double-entendre humour when Raghu Babu is present.

The lead pair does a good job. Sumanth gives a fine performance and Vedhicka has a fairly substantial role and lives up to it. Krishna Bhagwan, Raghu Babu and Brahmanandam played their parts well. 'Satyam' Rajesh stands out in the 'feminine' part.

Music director Raghu Kunche's title song is melodious, and technically, the film is above average.

On the whole, Daggaraga Dooranga is watchable.

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Radhika Rajamani in Hyderabad