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Bollywood celebrates Father's Day

June 19, 2009 19:23 IST

Bollywood celebrates Father's Day

With Father's Day coming up this Sunday, Bollywood stars dedicate songs for their fathers. They spoke to Patcy N, Nithya Ramani and Rajul Hegde about their best dad memories, and also told us who their favourite cine dads have been.

As you click on, please do check out these stars singing a special song for their dads.

John Abraham

Fondest Pa memory: My father is an architect. He had a government job. We used to be hard up on money and so once, I told him to do something to please the government employees. He told me to get out of the house.

I remember standing outside for three hours. My father is the most honest man I know in this world. I am proud to say that I am my father's son.

I love you, dad. You are the best in the whole world.

Image: John Abraham


'Rakesh Roshan and Anil Kapoor are great dads'

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Sayali Bhagat

Fondest Pa memory: I remember the first day of school. My father had come with me. I was crying the whole time so he did not leave the premises and stood by the window for four hours. I can never forget that.

Favourite cine dad: I liked Anupam Kher in Hum Aapke Hai Koun...! especially the bidaai scene, where the relationship between the father and daughter is shown.

But I would say that actors like Rakesh Roshan and Anil Kapoor who launch their kids are great dads, as others struggle to get a break in the industry.

Image: Sayali Bhagat

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'I am a huge Amitabh Bachchan fan'

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Shreyas Talpade

Fondest Pa memory: My father taught me many things but there's one thing I have never forgotten. As a child, I used to play cricket in front of my house and eat kulfi everyday after the game.

The kulfi would cost me a rupee. I would either pay the kulfiwala immediately or pay later. I would take the money from my mom or my aunt or uncle, as we stayed in a joint family. Once, I asked my dad for money. He discovered that I had been eating on credit. He took me to the kulfiwala, paid him, and told him that if I did not pay him immediately, he should not give me kulfi.

He taught me to buy things only if I had money and never take anything on credit. I follow this till date. 

Later, there was a time when I had money to take a rickshaw home. But I was hungry. I could have had something to eat, then taken a rickshaw home and asked my mother to pay. But my father's words came to me, and I decided not to. His words have always remained with me.

Favourite cine dad: I am a huge Amitabh Bachchan fan. Whatever he has done is great. I liked him Waqt, Aitbaar, Viruddh and Hum.

Image: Shreyas Talpade

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'My father shares a resemblance to Amitabh'

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Aashish Choudhary

Fondest Pa memory: Dad used to make Sundays very special. He saw to it that we behaved ourselves six days a well but on Sundays, we could do whatever we wanted. We could break things, eat whatever we wanted, do anything...

He would take us to Crawford market, in south Mumbai, and buy us chocolates. I really liked his idea of having a special day. He did everything right, that's why I love him so much. Everybody loves their fathers but mine is very precious.

Favourite cine dad: Amitabh Bachchan is the best dad. I think everyone likes him. Not only because he is Amitabh Bachachan, the great star and a good actor and we can all see our fathers in him when he plays one on screen but because my father shares a resemblance to him. They have the same hairdo and the salt and pepper look.

Image: Aashish Choudhary

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'All those who have fathers are very lucky'

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Johny Lever

Fondest Pa memory: My father died five years ago but we tuned in very well. He would yell at me for my mistakes but he loved me so much!

He slapped me just once in my life and after that, he took me to a restaurant and fed me idli-dosas. That day, we became friends. Every father loves his son but the day a father dies, you really become an orphan. All those who have fathers are very lucky people.

Favourite cine dad: My favourite filmi father is Dadamoni (Ashok Kumar). Whenever he played a father, he was a good one. He would get into the character and give it life.

Image: Johny Lever

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'Om Prakash was great in Namak Halaal'

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Vatsal Seth

Fondest Pa memory: I don't have one memory, but plenty. When I was a child, he bought me a BMX Cycle because I hated to walk. Even for the smallest distances, I needed a car. If I had to walk from the car to some place, I would force him to carry me. And he would do it without complaining. He was such a sweetheart. Now, I realise what a jerk I was.

Favourite cine dad: Om Prakash in Namak Halaal. Even though he plays Amitabh Bachchan's grandfather, he's a great father figure. His character was called dadu. As Amitabh does not have a father in that film, his dadu means everything for him.

Image: Vatsal Seth

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'Having such a great talent as a father, I didn't think of films then'

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Imaad Shah

Fondest Pa memory: My father and I would play cricket a lot. I wanted to take up cricket as a profession. Having such a great talent as a father [Naseeruddin Shah], I didn't think of films then. I was in school concentrating on my history and geography.

We would play in a ground in Kalina [in northeast Mumbai] and Khar gym. We used to practice on the nets at 7 am. I would practice seriously daily, and he would join me once in a while.

Favourite on-screen dad: Paresh Rawal in Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!. He played a wonderful father to the junior Abhay Deol.

Image: Imaad Shah

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'He would get us shirts worth Rs 2'

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Kumar Sanu

Fondest Pa memory: Every day with dad is memorable. It is only because of him that I am what I am today. He taught me how to live life with respect. Even in poverty, he lived with respect. He would get us shirts worth Rs 2 and we would wear them happily.

He used to run the family in Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,200. I learnt that from him too. Because of him, I will always stay grounded no matter how famous I am.

Image: Kumar Sanu

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'I am working hard to see a smile on my father's face'

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Neil Nitin Mukesh

Fondest Pa memory: I love my dad a lot. Not that I haven't told him that a million times. Every single day with dad is memorable. I idolise him. He is the one who has given me the energy to work hard.

I work this hard only for him. I am a very content person with a beautiful family but just to see a smile on his face 24x7, I work hard. I only hope I can make him proud.

Image: Neil Nitin Mukesh

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I am my father's daughter

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Mona Singh

Fondest Pa memory: My dad is an ex-army officer. He lost his left foot in India-Pakistan war in 1971. What I have learnt from him is to never complain and always be happy with what you have.

After my graduation, I was confused about my future. Most of us go through that. My sister filled out a form for me for Singapore Airlines. I thought I fly to different countries and make money. But I wasn't sure if I would get through because I had never given interviews in my life.

Also, the interview was in Mumbai, and I had never been to Mumbai before. So my father came back. The minute I entered the room, I saw 500 girls. Most of them were experienced girls from Jet Airways and other airlines. I just kept holding my father's hand throughout the day and cleared all the rounds. That was the first time that I surprised myself.

I am my father's daughter. When a kid falls he/she says mama. But I say pappa.

Favourite cine dad: Anupam Kher. The characters he has played till now has been funny, classy and strict. He has been a good dad. I could relate with him in Diwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin.

My father is just like Anupam's character in DHKMN. He played a strict father, who later understood that she loved him and let her be happy. My dad is my best buddy. I have never been scared of him.

Image: Mona Singh

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'I don't like strict fathers'

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Vishal Malhotra

Fondest Pa memory: When I was around 9 or 10 years old, I stole my father's shaving cream and razor and shaved. I got a cut on my face and tried to hide it from my father. I thought he would shout at me. But when he saw it, he just laughed. He knew it was a part of growing up. After that, he became my best buddy.

Favourite cine dad: Amitabh Bachchan. He's dignified, classy, has a great sense of humour, embodies responsibility and is someone you can look up to. I liked him in Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna and Baghban. I didn't like the character of Dilip Kumar in Shakti or Trishul  because I don't like strict fathers.

Image: Vishal Malhotra

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