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VOTE! Like the Heroine trailer?

Last updated on: July 26, 2012 10:10 IST

VOTE! Like the Heroine trailer?

Raja Sen in Mumbai

"Who'll sign her? She's so moody, eccentric, overemotional?", says a suitably whining male voice, one belonging to Harsh Chhaya. As we continue to watch Kareena Kapoor cosy up to the cameras, a much weirder female voice says the three aforementioned 'qualities' are present in every heroine, be it Hollywood or Bollywood.

Kapoor sashays through the trailer, exaggeratedly more plastic than we've ever seen her before: but that is apparently the director's intent. Hmm. Everyone speaks in platitudes about the film industry: how you can either manipulate or be manipulated, and so on.

Kapoor rips into a journalist at a press conference, spewing cliches in the way that reassures us that this is as Madhur Bhandarkar as it can get. Thank heavens she looks as good as she does, then.

Even though the raunch dialled into the Halkat Jawaani song and vivid-lipsticked clips around it seem like a direct response to Vidya Balan's The Dirty Picture. Kapoor can chew on her lower lip all she wants, but this ain't no Sunset Boulevard, as had been strongly rumoured.

Then again, the very thought of Bhandarkar taking a stab at that Billy Wilder masterpiece is as scary as they come.

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Image: The Heroine trailer