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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » Ekta Kapoor unveils her new show

Ekta Kapoor unveils her new show

Last updated on: July 12, 2010 15:09 IST

Ekta Kapoor unveils her new show

Ekta Kapoor has launched a new television show Bol Niti Bol, which tells quite a different story from her usual fare. At 17 episodes, the show tries to reach out to the youth.

The soap queen tells what to expect.

What is Bol Niti Bol about?

Bol Niti Bol is a web diary of a 17-year-old girl. Niti speaks about her life, her friends, her loves and heartaches, and connects to the world through her web camera. Each episode is a short update from her about the new events in her life --who she met recently, the boy she likes, her crushes, how she handles people who hit on her...

Why did you use the Internet to promote it?

The way the audience consumes entertainment is changing and the divisions between TV, web and mobile are blurring. Coupled with the recent Broadband Wireless Auction going on, it will dramatically increase the consumption of the video content in the times to come. We see a great business proposition shaping up within the category. So as pioneers of content production, we wanted to be among the first to claim this space through our brand ALT entertainment and connect with the young audience in the language they understand.
How did you decide on the show's lead cast?

The girl who plays Niti, Niti Dua, completely fits the bill. She is lively and has the ideal personality to connect with the youth.

What message do you want to send across to the youth through Bol Niti Bol?

Bol Niti Bol is an out and out entertainment show. It is to entertain the youth, not preach to them. But while we are at it, we will definitely encourage the audience to be more active on social platforms. It will encourage the youth to express themselves and speak their heart out.

Image: Bol Niti Bol trailer