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'The stunts in Die Hard 4.0 are bigger'

It is almost 20 years since Bruce Willis first portrayed the enormously likeable and deeply flawed New York City detective, John McClaine.

In Die Hard 4.0, he confronts his most ruthless and insidious adversaries so far, who are attempting to cripple the US infrastructure and throw the world into chaos.

Directed by Len Wiseman, the film is set to be nail-biting and thrilling with staggering action, special effects, drama and of course Bruce Willis's inimitable sense of humour and irony.

Now, the cop with the attitude throws light on the film, which also stars Justin Long, Timothy Olyphant and Maggie Q.

Did you watch the last three films again, to sort of get a feel for it again?

I did. I took a look at all of them as well as everybody involved with it. For me, the first one was always the only good one. The third one was interesting and we were lucky to have Jeremy Irons and Samuel Jackson. I think this film is pretty close if not better than the first film.

It's set in the 21st century. Len Wiseman has a great visual eye and a great action sense. The stunts in this film are bigger. He's sort of reinvented Die Hard and set it in 2007.

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