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Shah Rukh's fans visit the actor but no one's home!

November 02, 2021 17:23 IST

It is a quiet birthday for Shah Rukh Khan, and his bungalow Mannat wears a deserted look.

Apparently, the superstar has whisked his family away from Mumbai to his farm house in Alibaug for a quiet holiday, away from the public glare.

"Shah Rukh Khan is no mood for celebrations," a close friend tells Subhash K Jha.

The friend says Shah Rukh is not keen to meet anyone at the moment.

"He has told all his close friends in the film industry to give the family some breathing space to allow Aryan to get over the trauma of incarceration."

The actor isn't taking any phone calls this birthday either. Photographer Afsar Dayatar staked out the location around Mannat to brings us these glimpses.

Please click on the images for a better look.


IMAGE: The road outside Shah Rukh's home in Bandra, north west Mumbai, wears a deserted look even as a police van keeps guard.


IMAGE: SRK's fans hoped to get a glimpse of the actor.


IMAGE: The star may not be home, but fans don't mind a long and hopeful wait.


IMAGE: Some fans display their designs for the superstar.


IMAGE: The scorching Mumbai heat doesn't deter the fans outside his home.