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Dreams and Hema Malini are synonymous. She is Bollywood's dazzling Dream Girl. And to think that she was rejected in her very first film! Director Sridhar ejected her from a Tamil film saying she was too thin.

But Hema's determination to be a part of show business eventually bore fruit.

Born in the old city of Tamil Nadu's Tiruchirapalli on October 16, 1948, she made her debut 35 years ago opposite Raj Kapoor in Sapnon Ka Saudagar.

She was promoted as a 'dream girl' from her very first Hindi film until, in 1977, she even starred in a hit film of the same name.

Sapnon Ka Saudagar drowned, but Hema made it ashore.

Text: Sukanya Verma, Ronjita Kulkarni
Design: Rahil Shaikh

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