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Samantha's Prayer: 'Must hang onto love'

June 16, 2023 12:24 IST

Photograph: Kind courtesy Samantha/Instagram

Samantha took a break from shooting her Web series Citadel in Serbia to visit the Church of Saint Sava and celebrate an important milestone.

'It's been one year since the diagnosis,' Samanth posts, referring to her autoimmune condition Myositis.

'A year of forced new normal. Many battles with my body... no salt, sugar or grains with a cocktail of meds for main course, forced shut downs and forced restarts.

'A year of seeking meaning, reflection and introspection.

'Of professional failures too... to make things more interesting.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Samantha/Instagram

'A year of prayers and poojas... not praying for blessings and gifts... but praying to just find strength and peace.

'A year that has taught me that not everything goes your way all the time.

And more importantly, that it's ok when it doesn't.

'That I must control the controllables, let go off the rest, and keep moving forward one step at a time.

'That sometimes it's not about grand successes, but that functioning forward is in itself a win.

'That I mustn't sit around waiting for things to be perfect again or wallowing in the past.

'That I must hang on to love and those I love... and not give hate the power to affect me.

'There will be so many of you fighting far harder battles. I pray for you too.

'The gods may delay, but they never deny. They never deny peace, love, joy and strength to those who seek it. The only things worth seeking.'

All our strength to you, Dear Sam.