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'Rochelle is the only sick person in Bigg Boss'

Last updated on: December 14, 2015 18:58 IST

'I have seen Rochelle without makeup. She is as ugly as her heart.'

Evicted Bigg Boss contestant Kawaljit Singh gives us his version.

Fashion designer Kawaljit Singh, 59, has been voted out of Bigg Boss 9. He entered the house on a wild card, and stayed inside for about three weeks.

Kawaljit added his own brand of entertainment -- and quirky fashion sense -- to the house. 

He talks to contributor Rajul Hegde about his stint on the show. 

You stayed in the house for three weeks only.

I did not expect to get evicted so early. Being an experienced person, I take everything with a pinch of salt. I am happy that Bigg Boss was a part of my life journey. 

My friends and clients like Kashmira Shah, Dolly Bindra and Imam Siddique (former Bigg Boss contestants) always told me that I would make a funny contestant on the show with my one liners. 

My experience was fabulous. It was my dream to appear on the show. I could jump into the pool whenever I wanted, or sit in the Jacuzzi. I was the eldest contestant on the show, but I didn't let my age stop me from having fun. 

You were at logger heads with Rochelle Rao in the show.

Yes. Rochelle is the only sick person in the house; she has no humanity.

On the second day of my stay in the house, we were discussing the qualities of Miss India. I said the quality of Miss India has gone down and no one is interested in watching it any more; so many have come and gone. Suyash Rai pointed out that Rochelle was also a Miss India. I apologised; I didn’t know that she was Miss India. So she started taking personal revenge after that. 

One night, it was very chilly, and I got a cold and cough. I was trying to control my cough so that others did not get disturbed. She was sleeping next to my bed. She woke up, and I apologised for my coughing.

She didn’t even have the courtesy to ask if I needed water or a doctor.

Sometimes, if we don't follow the rules of the house, all the housemates get punished. In one such punishment, we were given potato and rice to eat. That's like poison for a diabetic like me. I ate it for four days without complaining.

After four days, I requested Bigg Boss and Kishwer (Merchant) made parathas for me. But Rochelle ate them without asking me. She did it on purpose.  

But you had a good equation with Rochelle's boyfriend Keith Sequeira.

Keith is so nice. He would make coffee for me and give it to me sometimes in bed. 

I have seen Rochelle without makeup. She is as ugly as her heart.

Who were you closest to?

I was very close Kishwer. She took care of me.

So is Mandana (Karimi) but she is misunderstood. 

What did you think of the wild cards, Priya Malik, Giselle Thakral and Nora Fatehi? 

Priya came in as a strong contestant. Her advantage was that we had disclosed our nominations, and so she created a fight. She was very good at that.

Then, she used her tears as a weapon all the time. That became a joke inside the house. Nobody was scared of her tears anymore.

As soon as her captaincy got over, she went phuss! She started a**licking the other group, Kishwer, Suyyash (Rai) and Prince (Narula).

Giselle looked strong -- she gives tit for tat. 

Nora is a glamour doll. She's there to add glamour to Bigg Boss. 

Did you know (host) Salman Khan from before went inside?

I know him very well. I did not pull strings to be on his show.

I must thank Raj Nayak (CEO, Colors) for giving me this opportunity. Salman is the best host for Bigg Boss. If he leaves the show, people might stop watching it. 

Who do you think will win the show?

It’s too early to talk about it. But I have a strong felling that Kishwer might win, or else Mandana.

It could even be a surprise like Prince, if he plays cleverly. 

What next?

I have taken a break for three months. I have written and completed a television serial and nine films But I cannot talk about it. 

When did you start writing?

My rakhi sister Mona Kapoor (Arjun Kapoor’s mother) succumbed to cancer.

Within a week, my best friend Patrick also passed away. He was a former editor of Cine Blitz. He would encourage me to write.

I went into depression and started writing since,

One of the films -- titled Kabh Ayega Mr Right -- will be dedicated to him. It's a comedy.

Rajul Hegde / in Mumbai