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Ritiesh's Tips For A Blissful Marriage

By Aarushi Raina/ANI
July 11, 2024 12:38 IST
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IMAGE: Genelia D'souza with Ritiesh Deshmukh. Photograph: Kind courtesy Ritiesh Deshmukh/Instagram

A man who not only inspires his fans with his tremendous performance on big screens but also never misses chance to be a real life example of a 'perfect husband', actor Riteish Deshmukh revealed the golden rules that he swears by for blissful marriage with Genelia Deshmukh.

In a candid conversation, Riteish revealed the three rules he follows in his marriage, he said, "I think that eventually, every couple will figure their equilibrium in their relationship. I can only say what are the three things in my relationship on which I concentrate. I feel that in a relationship couple of things that are very important and prime most is respect.

"If you respect your partner immaterial of anything. That respect should be there even when you are arguing. Because when you argue, there is a time when it slips. And then you start disrespecting. Once it comes, that crack, it is always visible.

"So be very careful. It's like a broken plate, you stick it together. Even then, you see the crack. That's why do not lose respect. If you think that you are going to say something because of which things can worse then be quiet. So one is respect.

"Second is the needs of your partner should be above your needs. It's not what you want. Her needs should be above yours. These two things if you follow. And have a sense of humour."


IMAGE: Ritiesh Deshmukh in Kakuda.

Meanwhile, Riteish is all set to enthral the audience with a never-seen-before avatar in the horror comedy Kakuda.

Talking about his character Victor, a ghost hunter in the film, Riteish said, "I think, first of all, when we think of a ghost hunter, we think of him as someone who can chant a mantra. But Aditya (Director Aditya Sarpotdar) had visualised in such a way that he wanted to make it very cool, very edgy.

"Because in such a village, a strange character has come. A ghost hunter named Victor. He might be the first person in the village named Victor. There are tattoos, hair, there's a scar. So there are a lot of things. And he has a weird machine. Because of which he tries to catch the ghost. And he's quite a weird guy.

"And it was exciting to play because I had not played something like this before. And in such a space. It's a bit weird. But when everyone gets together and everyone's problem is solved then it's quite a teamwork."

IMAGE: Saqib Saleem, Ritiesh Deshmukh and Sonakshi Sinha in Kakuda.

Kakuda follows the story of Sunny played by Saqib Saleem, a less-educated guy who is in love with Indira portrayed by Sonakshi Sinha. Determined to be together, they marry and move to the village of Ratodi only to be cursed by Kakuda.

On their wedding night, Sunny fails to open the smaller door for Kakuda at 7:15 pm sharp, inviting Kakuda, a wicked ghost who punishes the man of the house by inflicting a hump on their back that grows until their demise on the thirteenth day.

With Sunny's life hanging by a thread, Indira seeks help from Victor, an eccentric ghost hunter played by Riteish.

Together, they embark on a freakishly hilarious yet spooky journey to solve the mystery of Kakuda, and uncover the shocking truth about the ghost's identity, motives, and the village's haunting curse that has lasted for decades.

Kakuda, which is directed by Aditya Sarpotdar, will stream on ZEE5 from July 12.

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Aarushi Raina/ANI
Source: ANI