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'I feel Chintu will call any moment'

May 01, 2020 13:28 IST
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'When Chintu told me about his plans to go to Delhi in February for a wedding, I advised him against it.'
'But he still went, and had a relapse.'

IMAGE: Rishi Kapoor, second from left, with his elder brother Randhir to his right, and old friends Jeetendra and Rakesh Roshan to his left.

Rishi Kapoor and Rakesh Roshan were close friends for 45 years and the latter is shaken by Rishi's sudden passing.

"I met him on March 15 over dinner. Chintu, Neetu and I were there. We chatted for nearly three hours and discussed each other's health," Rakesh Roshan tells Subhash K Jha.

Like Rishi, Rakesh Roshan had to battle cancer too.

"I am a hundred percent cured, touch wood," he says. "Chintu asked me why I didn't start a new film. I told him I will wait for my medical tests in September. I would rather wait until I am fully sure. Health comes first, and I told Chintu also."

Rakesh Roshan blames Rishi's trip to Delhi in February for his health relapse.

"Both of us had cancer, though different kinds. I am aware of how infection-prone we are. So when Chintu told me about his plans to go to Delhi in February for a wedding, I advised him against it. But he still went, and had a relapse."

"When I met Chintu, he admitted he should have listened to me."


Rakesh Roshan reveals how admitting mistakes came easily to Rishi.

"He was short-tempered and impulsive and often regretted what he said. Both of us have our good and bad points. Our friendship lasted so long because we accepted each other with our faults," he recalls.

"We had no ego issues between us. Chintu would regret what he said or did and then apologise the next day. I was also quick to say sorry when I erred. That's why we remained so close," he remembers.

Looking back on their unique friendship, Rakesh Roshan says, "We first met when we worked together in Khel Khel Mein. We hit it off instantly. We had so much in common. That's when our professional and personal association began."

"No matter how busy we got, we would meet three, four times a week. A friendship requires commitment and time to last."

Rakesh Roshan remembers the many vacations of the two families together.

"We went on many holidays together -- Chintu, Neetu, Ranbir, me, my wife Pinky, Duggu (son Hrithik Roshan) and Susanne (then daughter in law). Those times will never return, but the memories will remain with me," he says.

"I find it hard to believe that Chintu is gone. I feel he is still with me, that he will call any moment. Sadly, I could not attend his last rites because of my health condition."

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