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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » Review: Rajni Kantha is for Duniya Vijay's fans

Review: Rajni Kantha is for Duniya Vijay's fans

March 01, 2013 11:28 IST

A scene from Rajni KanthaKannada film Rajni Kantha doesn't offer much by way or story, writes Srikanth Srinivasa.

Director Pradeep Raj, who gave a hit with his debut film Kirataka starring Yash, has chosen a slightly offbeat subject with Rajini Kantha.

The story is about two brothers Rajini and Kantha. While the elder brother is born with a cleft palate, the younger one is a smart and an outgoing guy. The brothers are not twins but they are look alike. Their mother takes greater care of her son who is born with the defect which is construed as lack of affection by the other son towards him.

The boy with the cleft is better than his brother in all respects -- studies and arts but is not so confident as a person. The brothers are made to study in the same class so that the one who is not confident is looked after by the other  but there is no brotherly sentiment or love.

Kantha falls in love with Priya (Aindrita Ray), a gangster’s sister.  Priya falls for Kantha as he fools her to believe he is a multitalented guy while he actually uses Rajini’s poetry and art to woo Priya.


realises that Priya actually loves him for the poetry and art which is not his and he breaks up with her. But Priya is caught unawares. Meanwhile, Kantha joins her gangster brother in his criminal activities.

Meanwhile, Kantha also realises why his mother cares for his other brother. Does he reconcile with his brother and mother? Do the two lovers reunite? This is revealed in the remaining part of the story.

While Duniya Vijay has excelled in the role of the brother born with the cleft, his performance as Kantha is ordinary. Aindrita Ray is adequate.  Tamil actress Rekha lends good support as the mother. Bullet Prakash who has been usually seen in loud and comical roles impresses.  Arjun  Janya’s music is pleasant with at least two songs making to the chartbusters. The Olavina song is quite hummable.

R Giri’s camera work is average. 

The film is quite engaging and watchable but the item number that features Rachana Mourya could have been avoided. 

Rajini Kantha is worth a watch for Duniya Vijay’s fans.

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Srikanth Srinivasa in Bangalore