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Review: Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru is a waste of time

By S Saraswathi
November 18, 2016 10:54 IST
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Kadavul Irukaan Kumarui is plain annoying, warns S Sarawasthi.

Director M Rajesh continues with his penchant for tedious comedies with long silly names.

After disasters like All in All Azhagu Raja and Vasuvum Saravananum Onna Padichavanga, he returns with yet another crazy comedy titled Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru.

Music composer-turned-actor GV Prakash, Nikki Galrani and Anandhi play the lead, supported by Prakash Raj and RJ Balaji. 

GV also composes the music for the film, which has nothing to offer but the antics of two friends, who are stuck in a mess of their own making.

Kumar (GV) is to get married in a couple of days but his fiancé Priya (Nikki) is upset as his ex-girlfriend Nancy (Anandhi) is still stalking him.

Nancy sends him flowers and sentimental messages and Priya, in turn, makes Kumar’s life hell. He wants to get away from it all by spending a day with his friends at Pondicherry celebrating his bachelor party.

After a night of partying by the beach, Kumar and his friend Balaji (RJ Balaji) attempt to return to Chennai the next morning, only to get caught on route by three corrupt policemen (Prakash Raj, Robo Shankar and Simgampuli).

They find a huge stock of alcohol in the trunk of their car and refuse to let them go. 

With no money to pay the bribe, Kumar and Balaji try to escape in their car. But they are chased down, threatened and given an ultimatum.

Will he return in time for the wedding? That forms the rest of the story.

The film is just one boring scene after another, with a few hilarious moments in between. 

The music is loud, outfits garish and performances over the top. 

Director Rajesh, who made a stunning debut with Siva Manasula Sakthi and followed it up with hit films like Boss Engira Bhaskaran and Oru Kal Oru Kannadi, seems to have lost his mojo.

The plot is weak and every situation appears to be dragged on needlessly with long boring dialogues and unnecessary songs. 

Anandhi, who looked lovely in Prabhu Solomon's ­Kayal, is overly made up and painted almost white.

Nikki nags all the time.

GV seems to have gotten better with his comic timing.

Prakash Raj and RJ Balaji try to add a bit of fun.

But for most part, M Rajesh’s Kadavul Irukaan Kumarui is just plain annoying. 

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