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Review: Charlie Ke Chakkar Mein is a decent watch

November 06, 2015 17:37 IST

Charlie Ke Chakkar Mein is a thriller with many twists, writes Jahnavi Patel.

Charlie Ke Chakkar Mein is a thriller that loses its grip in the middle but manages to surprise towards the end. 

The movie is divided into two parts -- the first gives us an idea about the crime and the other half is the investigation.
A bunch of youngsters (Amit Sial, Anand Tiwari, Manasi Rachh, Disha Arora, Aanchal Nandrajog and Nishant Lal), who are high on some ‘charlie’ (cocaine) get into a brawl with a young man (Sanam Singh) at a club and kill him accidentally.

To save themselves from trouble, they have to finish the work that the dead man was appointed to do.

They have to deliver two suitcases full of 'charlie' to the dealers but they end up dying or killing one another. All this while, one of them, who is an aspiring director, shoots the entire episode on a camera.  
Naseeruddin Shah plays the investigative office along with Auroshikha Dey. They try to solve the murder mystery with the help of the footage found in the camera.
The first half is bland, as the crime is unveiled in flashbacks.
But post-interval, we’re treated to some interesting twists and turns.

The same series of events narrated three-four times with a different story each time might get confusing but you won’t stay puzzled for too long. Eventually, it manages to surprise.

The abusive language is frequently muted, and the silences can get annoying after a while.
The actors have done a decent job. Subrata Datta, who plays a drug peddler, delivers a fine performance.

Nishant Lal, the aspiring filmmaker, plays the desperate creep to perfection.

We did expect to see more of Anand Tiwari, as we know his potential as an actor, but there's really not much.

Naseeruddin Shah’s performance, like always, is brilliant. His portrayal as the investigative office is precisely what is needed. He hasn’t overdone his role at all.
With no big Bollywood release this week, Charlie Ke Chakkar Mein can make for a decent watch.
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Jahnavi Patel in Mumbai