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Review: Avatharam is average

By Paresh C Palicha
August 01, 2014 12:07 IST
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Movie poster of AvatharamDirector Joshiy and superstar Dileep make an odd couple; the director is known for his action oriented political thrillers and Dileep thrives on comedies for kids and families.

So, it is interesting to see this duo strike a balance when they come together.

They had first joined hands in Runway a decade ago, which was a success at the box office. After that they made a few more attempts that garnered mixed results.

Now, they are back with Avatharam, which can be deemed average fare at best.

The story is of a commoner taking on the underworld and the police nexus.

Our man Dileep is Madhavan Mahadevan, who comes into the city from a village to see off his sister-in-law and her daughter after the death of his elder brother, an upright Customs Officer (KB Ganesh Kumar).

While running around to claim the insurance money, he comes to know that his brother was actually murdered by the underworld don Irumbanakkal John (Joy Mathew).

The second half is devoted to how Madhavan gets even with the gang and the corrupt policemen. We know that hardcore action is not suited to Dileep owing to his diminutive physique.

So, we see him playing tricks with the bad guys and removing them by playing mind games instead of beating them up physically. He does what the dwarf Kamal Hassan did in Apoorva Sagodharargal (1989) or as a blind man like in his own earlier film Chess (2006) while settling scores with the villains.

The script by Vyasan Edavanakkad takes major portion of the first half to showcase Dileep's comic flair and also romantically linking him to the leading lady, played by Lakshmi Menon, who is shown as an employee of the insurance company.

The comic quotient required in this segment is supplied by Kalabhavan Shajon with jokes about wigs and his bald pate.

The others in the supporting cast, including Shammi, Thilakan, who plays the corrupt police officer and Joy Mathew as the underworld king, have nothing exceptional to do.

Dileep, on his part, looks sincere and dedicated but because his character does not have anything earth-shaking, we find him repetitive.

As for the leading lady, Lakshmi Menon is a scenestealer in the beginning but almost disappears in the second half.

Avatharam is just an average Dileep-Joshiy fare.

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