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Ranbir, Shahid, Alia: Stars CAUGHT napping!

Last updated on: February 24, 2016 17:10 IST
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Stars find creative ways to get their beauty sleep!

It's tough being a celebrity in Bollywood.

Long hours of shooting, sometimes well into the night, endless movie promotions, and a jet-setting celebrity life can be quite stressful, and actors know the magic of power naps.

Ask Ranbir Kapoor.

Don't believe us? Take a look:


Ranbir Kapoor

Image: Anushka Sharma/Instagram

Next time, your are tired waiting for your food at a restaurant, take a quick nap, just like Ranbir Kapoor and you won't have to worry about killing time!


Ranbir, Anushka

Image: Anurag Kashyap/Instagram

The other ideal place to take a nap is on long flights. And Kapoor knows that too, never mind pesky co-passengers!


Ranbir, Anushka

Image: Karan Johar/Instagram

That's not all!

RK even sleeps in-between shots on the sets of his films. How else do you expect him to deliver a good performance? 

Anushka Sharma takes quick lessons!


Shahid Kapoor

Image: Shraddha Kapoor/Instagram

If Ranbir loves his power naps, so does Shahid Kapoor


Shahid Kapoor

Image: Shraddha Kapoor/Instagram

Flights or long drives, Shahid just plugs on his earphones for a snooze. And gives Shraddha Kapoor a new pass time of clicking pictures!


Priyanka Chopra

Image: Priyanka Chopra/Instagram

Even Priyanka Chopra knows the magic of a quick nap. Guess that's how she has been managing her Bollywood and Hollywood career really well.


Ranveer Singh

Image: Ranveer Singh/Instagram

Who says you need a bed for a good sleep? Ranveer Singh seems to be doing just fine on a chair.


Parineeti Chopra

Image: Parineeti Chopra/Instagram

And that's Parineeti Chopra assuring us, just like Ranveer, that a power nap is important, with or without a bed, and literally *anywhere*!


Arjun Rampal

Image: Arjun Rampal/Instagram

That's Arjun Rampal giving other B-town stars some #VanityVanGoals for power napping.


Kriti Sanon

Image: Kriti Sanon/Instagram

Kriti Sanon, we get your point loud and clear. The size of the sofa and one's height has nothing to do with taking a nap!


Alia Bhatt and Vikas Bahl

Image: Shahid Kapoor/Instagram

Director Vikas Bahl gives his Shaandaar heroine Alia Bhatt a shoulder to sleep on.


Nargis Fakhri

Image: Nargis Fakhri/Instagram

Holidaying in the winter and don't know how to beat the cold? Take a cue from our very own feisty diva Nargis Fakhri.


Shahid Kapoor

Image: Shahid Kapoor/Instagram

That's Shahid showing us how to celebrate success in the most effective way.

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