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This article was first published 5 years ago  » Movies » Rakul: There is no guy in my life now

Rakul: There is no guy in my life now

Last updated on: May 15, 2019 15:52 IST
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'Forget dating, I am struggling just to have a crush on someone,' says the gorgeous looking actress.


IMAGE: Rakul Preet Singh in De De Pyaar De.

Rakul Preet Singh gets ready to romance Ajay Devgn in their latest film, De De Pyaar De, co-starring Tabu.

As she talks about the film, she makes some interesting revelations.

For instance, she tells Contributor Ramesh S, "My character is a bartender and she loves alcohol while I am teetotaller. When the Vaddi Sharaban song was being shot, it was the biggest joke. (Producer) Luv Ranjan sir said I ruined the authenticity of the song!"

Despite getting a break in Bollywood, actresses often get lost in the industry. Later, they become a star in the southern film industry. What is your take on this?

Everyone has their own journey.

It depends on what they want in life and how well they are prepared for things.

When I did Yaariyan (2014), I was in my 20s and new to Bollywood.

I had shot for it before my Telugu film, Venkatadri Express (2013).

I am glad that I returned to Bollywood with Aiyaary because, now, I am more prepared for this Bombay world and also with my craft.

I was a naive kid and wasn't allowed to watch television beyond a certain time during my childhood.

Some people think Bombay is too much to handle but I enjoy the hustle here.

I am a workaholic.

I hope people notice my work here and also that I stay for a longer time.

IMAGE: Ajay Devgn and Rakul in De De Pyaar De.

In De De Pyaar De, you are dating a man who is twice your age. Would you do so in real life too?

Forget dating, I am struggling just to have a crush on someone.

Forget older or younger, there is no guy in my life now.

The first criterion for me to get attracted is that the guy should be at least 6 feet tall because I am tall and wear heels. Obviously, I cannot look down upon him.

So 90 per cent of the cases fall short because the guys aren't taller than me.

The rest of the 10 per cent, there's no guarantee that they are dating or single. Also, I am an actor so I'm not approachable to many.

But are you comfortable with the idea of dating an older guy?

Yes, if he is seven-eight years older than me, not more.

I have a lot of friends who are in successful relationships even with the age gap factor. For instance, a friend of mine got married to someone who is a year older than her father and they are happy together.

So I will not judge with respect to age.

I am a true believer in love.

As long as the couple complements each other and are happy together, why should anyone have a problem?

I prefer to see two people happy despite an age gap than a couple who perfectly fit society's bill but are fighting everyday, cheating on each other and having a terrible relationship.

IMAGE: Rakul in the Vaddi Sharaban song.

How much do you relate with your character in De De Pyaar De?

I am like that, but not entirely.

My character is a bartender and she loves alcohol while I am teetotaller.

When the Vaddi Sharaban song was being shot, it was the biggest joke.

I was not drunk and yet acting like it.

(Producer) Luv Ranjan sir said I ruined the authenticity of the song (laughs)!

It's not that I have not experienced it but I choose not to drink.

I am teetotaller by choice because I am very health conscious.

What was working with Tabu like?

Amazing! With both Tabu and Ajay Devgn, actually!

The very first song I ever sang was Ruk Ruk Ruk when I was very young. It was surreal to work with them on the same set.

They are extremely warm, sweet and grounded.

They made me comfortable, which was very important for my character because it is their love story and then my role starts.

I needed that comfort level with Ajay sir to have that chemistry. I also needed that comfort with Tabu ma'am to have that one-up gamesmanship and dialoguebaazi with her.


IMAGE: Ajay with Rakul in De De Pyaar De.

How do you plan to balance your work in Bollywood and the south?

I can’t plan things. I believe in destiny.

I am an instinctive person and go with my heart, whether it’s Tamil, Telugu or Hindi films.

Telugu is my heart because that’s the industry I came from.

I also make choices with respect to the scripts that come my way.

Language is not a barrier. Alia (Bhatt) is doing a Telugu film, RRR, which is directed by SS Rajamouli... Shraddha (Kapoor) is a doing a trilingual film, Saaho, with Prabhas...

It’s all about doing good films.

Your last Hindi film, Aiyaary, did not do well at the box office.

My father liked the film because he is an army man. I cannot say why it did not work because you will always love your own product.

I sometimes feel people only look for entertainment. Maybe that's why it did not click for them.

Still, the journey was amazing.

To work with (director) Neeraj Pandey, Manoj Bajpayee and Sidharth Malhotra was such a learning experience.

I am huge Neeraj Pandey fan and have always wanted to work with him.

The result is not in your hand. What matters is how much you learn from the journey.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Rakul Preet Singh/Instagram

How much did Neeraj Pandey contribute to your craft of acting?

Neeraj sir has a sharp and different way of shooting films.

I can’t pinpoint what one person brings to your craft because it’s a subconscious process. You are constantly meeting so many people, I don't know what I have learnt from whom.

But when I look back at Yaariyan, I know I have grown as a person.

IMAGE: Rakul with her parents. Photograph: Kind courtesy Rakul Preet Singh/Instagram

Does having an army background help you in this industry?

As an army kid, I have always moved around, so travelling is not an issue for me.

I can settle down anywhere, whether it is Hyderabad or Bombay, in a mud house or in the middle of nowhere because I have seen that life. I have lived on the border.

It makes you more adaptable to changes, which is very important for an actor, especially if you are shooting in extreme conditions.

You also make friends easily.

How did you convince your parents about your pursuing a career in modelling and acting?

My mother convinced me to join modelling!

She somehow figured that I need to try Miss India.

I was surprised because I was quite involved in golf and never took care of myself. I was barely interested in dressing up, make-up...

Somehow, my mother convinced me and that’s how modelling started.

My parents have been supportive right from the start.

Even today, they are keenly interested in my daily activities like shoots, promotional activities, interviews... Every evening, they google 'Rakul'!

IMAGE: The Marjaavaan team. Photograph: Kind courtesy Rakul Preet Singh/Instagram

Your next film, Marjaavaan, is a revenge drama. 

My character in Marjaavaan (co-starring Sidharth Malhotra, Tara Sutaria and Riteish Deshmukh) is very different from what I have played so far. I have not seen myself like that before.

I will be delivering masala and heroic kind of dialogues.

Even Milap (Zaveri, director) said that, for the first time, his film's heroine is delivering some weighty dialogues.

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