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'Rajinikanth tried on all the outfits that I made for him'

By Patcy N
April 20, 2016 10:14 IST
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'2.0 has Rajinikanth playing a complex character, it has a lot of shades, and he has different looks too. He was very sporting.'

Designer Rocky S lives his dream.

Image: Rajinikanth with Rocky S. Photograph: Rocky S/ Twitter.

Rajinikanth's Enthiran sequel -- titled 2.0 -- is one of the most talked about movie projects even though it's slated to be a summer release of 2017!

Designer Rocky S is among those who's really excited about the project. After all, it's not everyday you get to dress up the Superstar. Rocky S is also designing for the other actors in the film: heroine Amy Jackson and villain Akshay Kumar.

The designer discusses the film with Patcy N/ 

How did you bag 2.0

I really needed a break from movies because I have done 300 films already. So I took a took a three-year break to work on my label, and that’s when this offer fell into my lap.

I just got a call from Shankar sir’s office, saying they want to meet me. 

I met Shankar sir and he told me I had to style Rajni sir, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson. I could not refuse. Shankar sir is one of the most respected people in the industry. 

Working with the legend Rajni sir was like a dream as well.

How was your interaction with Rajinikanth? 

I was pretty nervous (at first), he is such a big powerful name. People have spoken so much about him; he is a legend in his own way. 

Dressing up younger and newer actors is easy but (to design for) somebody, who has so much of respect and grace, it was nerve-racking. 

But when I met him, he was an amazing human being. He’s so down-to-earth and calm. He tried on all the outfits that I made for him, there were no issues. So then I felt relaxed. 

He is extremely friendly and warm.

He’s comfortable with almost everything.

This film has him playing a complex character, it has a lot of shades, and he has different looks too. He was very sporting. 

What was the brief given to you? 

Shankar sir had a vision as to how he wanted his characters to evolve in the film. Every single character is complex and they have a lot of transformation in the film. 

We did a lot of research before we started working on the clothes. I travelled to Europe  to buy certain kinds of fabric. A lot of sketch work was done and 3D presentations made. After seeing the presentations, we got the confirmation from Shankar sir. Only after that, I started making the clothes. 

Image: Akshay Kumar in 2.0

Akshay Kumar was your first every Bollywood client. Is that correct?

Yes, among my first few clients, which includes Manisha Koirala. I have worked with Akshay Kumar for nine years. 

Time has not changed for us. We are exactly the same with each other. I still know what looks good on him, what works on him, how his body language is, how his personality is…

I just finished a 15-day schedule with him in Delhi.

He looks very dramatic in 2.0. 

The look was not supposed to leak, I don’t know how it came out. The production house is very strict about what will be revealed and what will not.  

Is it difficult to dress characters that are already popular? 

Yes, it is challenging. But this film is on a different level altogether. The entire team is different -- from the hairstylist to the make-up artist. The film is made on a much larger budget. We are not compromising on the quality, look or feel. 

It will be more dramatic.

Image: Rocky S with Amy Jackson. Photograph: Rocky S/ Twitter

You are also styling Amy Jackson. 

She will be the surprise package of the film. She looks amazing. She has the dream body to dress up for any designer.

I don’t think she will be in any Indian clothes (in the film). 

Amy has a very strong character in the film. People will not expect her to look the way she does in the film. She is going to look like a modern chic girl. 

How much of the shooting is over? 

This film’s shooting will be very long.  It will go up to October or November. I have just finished a part of the schedule, we have a lot of work left. 

We are shooting in various places in Chennai and Delhi. There will be a schedule abroad as well. 

After 2.0, are you up for other films too? 

I am going to be extremely selective about the work I do because I am very busy with my label. I have just finished the London Fashion week and am preparing for the next London Fashion week. 

You are going digital now with Rocky Star. Can you tell us more? 

Times have changed, and people are doing everything on the phone or online. Nobody wants to attend shows, or check newspapers or magazines. People want everything on the phone. 

So I have started my own channel on youtube, so people get more insight about me, my life, my work, the people I work with... It’s about educating the audience about how we work. 

I have started with behind-the-scenes conversations with actors, their likes and dislikes. It’s a casual set-up. I want people to really see *me* rather than just know that I’m a designer. 

Image: Bipasha Basu. Photograph: Rocky S/ Twitter

You have been styling so many Bollywood celebrities. Who’s your favourite?

Everybody knows Bipasha is my favourite. I love dressing her up. She’s one woman who looks beautiful in Indian and western outfits. But the newer lot is also very talented, like Sonam Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut and Alia Bhatt. 

Who’s the best dressed actor in Bollywood? 

Everybody is so well dressed these days, they have great stylists working for them. But I think Sonam and Kangana and even Athiya Shetty are on top of the line when it comes to dressing up. 

We're very curious to know what 'S' stands for in Rocky S? 

It is my surname Singhvi.

But people call my Rock Star, so I've named my label Rocky Star. 

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