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PIX: Parineeti's living it up in the Maldives

August 29, 2018 15:58 IST

Ms Chopra sure knows how to unwind in style.

Parineeti Chopra knows just how to take a vacation.

She's had AMAZING pictures from Australia and Egypt to prove that.

In fact, she even has fun at work when she's abroad!

Pari is currently living it up in Maldives.

Here's a look at her InstaPix:


'Plan for the next 3 days: - nothing! (Except scuba diving of course)'.


'Success is wearing flip flops all day'.

We agree!


Striking a pose against the beautiful blue waters.


That smile is worth a thousand words.


We are totally love those purple glasses. What about you, folks?


Floating breakfast on a holiday? YES PLEASE!

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