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PIX: Looking at Sonu Sood's grand Punjab home

October 30, 2014 16:32 IST

Sonu Sood is in the process of putting the finishing touches to his family home in Moga, Punjab.

“We have rebuilt our old home, so much so that no one can recognise it any more. Every brick, every piece of furniture has been replaced,” Sonu Sood says.

Sonu Sood's house


The re-construction of Sood’s ancestral home began seven years ago. Then, his mother passed away.

“After her death, my father and I lost interest in re-building the home,” the Happy New Year actor says. “This year, we decided to renew the reconstruction.”

Sonu Sood's house


Fifty interior designers and other experts were taken from Mumbai to Moga to make the very expensive dream house.

Locals in Moga travel to Sonu’s home just to see what he has built.

“It is my proudest achievement to date,” says Sonu.

Sonu Sood's house


Sonu Sood’s father, who lives in Moga, was delighted when he could not get tickets for his son’s film Happy New Year on Friday afternoon.

Says the emotional son, “My father was delighted that he could not get tickets. I asked him what he was so happy about if he couldn’t see my film. He replied, ‘Woh toh main dekh hi lunga. Bhagwan kare ek hafte tickets na miley.”

Subhash K Jha